Pokémon Go Mareep Community Day Classic: Time & Date, Bonuses Explained


Pokémon Go Mareep Community Day Classic: Time & Date, Bonuses Explained

Aditi Joshi
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Pokémon Go’s Community Day Classic event is coming on 25th November 2023 where the electric Pokémon Mareep will be lurking around in the wild for three hours!
Players can also evolve Mareep to Flaafy and then to Amarphos with dragon impulse as the featured attack.
In this article, we’ll take a look at other research tasks, field research and more.

The highly awaited Pokémon Go Community Day Classic for November is inching closer. Recently, players participated in the Community Day event that focused on Wooper and the next Pokémon in line is Mareep. It is an electric-type Pokémon and will be appearing more frequently in the wild for a few hours so that players can take their chances to collect it.

A shiny version may also be available and if you’re lucky, you will be able to spot it and catch it! On this day, players will also have the opportunity to evolve an Amarphos. 

This article highlights all the details that you need to know about the Pokémon Go Mareep Community Day Classic. 

November 2023 Community Day Classic

At the start of November 2023, Niantic wrote, "Trainers, we’re excited to announce that Mareep, the Wool Pokémon, will be featured during November Community Day Classic!"

The Community Day Classic event for November 2023 will take place on 25th November 2023 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM local time. 

Mareep: An Electric-Type Pokémon 

Mareep is an electric Pokémon that players can evolve into Flaafy with 25 Candy. This Pokémon first appeared in the Pokéverse in Pokémon Gold and Silver. On 25th November, players have a golden opportunity to capture an Amarphos that knows Dragon Pulse as a featured attack. To do so, players will need to convert Mareep to Flaafy. Players will require 100 Candy to convert Flaafy to Amarphos. This Pokémon is definitely a valuable addition to your Pokémon roster. 

Dragon Pulse – Charged Attack

  • Trainer Battles: 90 power

  • Gyms and raids: 90 power

Event Bonuses

  • 1/4 Hatch Distance when Eggs are placed in Incubators during the event period.

  • Lure Modules activated during the event will last for three hours.

  • Incense (excluding Daily Adventure Incense) activated during the event will last for three hours.

  • Take a few snapshots during Community Day Classic for a surprise!

November 2023 Community Day Classic Special Research Story

  • For US$1.00 (or the equivalent pricing tier in your local currency), you’ll be able to access the Mareep Community Day Classic exclusive Special Research story.

  • Stay tuned for when tickets for the Special Research story go live.

  • Don’t forget: you’re now able to purchase and gift tickets to any of your friends that you’ve achieved a Friendship level of Great Friends or higher with.* To gift a ticket, tap the Special Research ticket in the in-game shop, then tap the Gift button instead of the Buy button.

November 2023 Community Day Classic Field Research

Community Day Classic–themed Field Research will also be available for trainers on 25th November. All you need to do is catch Mareep to earn rewards such as additional encounters with Mareep, Stardust, Great Balls, and more.

Event Bundles

  • Two electrifying bundles will be available during this event.

  • For 1,350 PokéCoins, you will get 50 Ultra Balls, five Super Incubators, one Elite Charged TM, and five Lucky Eggs.

  • For 480 PokéCoins, you will get 30 Ultra Balls, one Incense, three Super Incubators, and one Lure Module.

  • Check out the in-game shop to snag one of these bundles!

Additionally, be on the lookout for Showcases at different PokéStops during the Community Day Classic.

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