NYT Connections: Hints and Answers for 24th October

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The New York Times - Connections


Here are the solutions for today’s NYT Connections Puzzles (24th October).
NYT Connections is a new daily word game from The New York Times.

The New York Times’ word game ‘Connections’ is one of the many word-based games that has captured the attention of internet users. Connections resets after midnight and introduces a new set of words for you to uncover. The puzzles can get a little tricky so if you don’t mind getting a few hints or directly getting the answers, we have you covered. Here are the hints and answers for 24th October’s NYT (New York Times) Connections puzzle.

Today’s NYT Connections Categories 

Here are the hints about the categories for today’s Connections puzzle: 

  • Yellow: Animal Groups

  • Green: Small Opening

  • Blue: Paradigmatic

  • Purple: Rhyming Compound Words

Answers for today’s NYT Connections (24th October) 

These are the answers for today’s NYT Connections puzzle. Don’t worry, we were just as stumped as you were when we tried completing this one!

  • Animal Groups: COLONY, HERD, PRIDE, SCHOOL

  • Small Opening: CRANNY, NICHE, NOOK, RECESS


  • Rhyming Compound Words: BACKPACK, BIGWIG, DOWNTOWN, RAGTAG

We will update the solutions for NYT Connections daily so feel free to bookmark this page. 

What is NYT Connections and how to play it

NYT Connections is a new daily word game from The New York Times. It is heavily inspired by "The Wall" from the BBC quiz show Only Connect. The premise is simple: you are given 16 words, and you must sort them into four categories of four. The categories can be anything, as long as they are thematically appropriate.

You only have four incorrect guesses before the game is over, so you need to think carefully about how you group the words. To submit a guess, simply select four words and click "Submit." If your guess is correct, the four words will be highlighted in green. If your guess is incorrect, the four words will be highlighted in red and you will lose one guess.

The game gets more challenging as you progress, but it is a lot of fun and a great way to test your vocabulary and problem-solving skills. You can play NYT Connections on the New York Times website or in the New York Times app.

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