Need For Speed Unbound Update: Volume 4 Goes Live


Need For Speed Unbound Update: Volume 4

Need For Speed Unbound Volume 4: Release Date, New Features, Events

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The latest update for Need For Speed Unbound, released on August 16th, brings a host of enhancements and additions to the virtual racing experience.
From celebrating Porsche's 75th anniversary with unique challenges and rewards to introducing engaging features like Gauntlet Playlists, expanded Linkup areas, and Boosted events, this update offers players a more dynamic and rewarding gameplay experience.
With refreshed challenges, enticing Premium DLC packs, and a steadfast commitment to innovation, the Volume 4 update underscores Need For Speed Unbound's status as a premier player in the racing gaming genre.

Need For Speed (NFS): Unbound finally released its Volume 4 update on August 16, promising an infusion of fresh energy and excitement into the digital streets. This latest Unbound update ushers in an array of captivating features, from a celebratory homage to Porsche's 75th anniversary to heart-pounding Gauntlet Playlists, to nostalgic nods to past NFS games.

Here's everything you need to know about Need For Speed Unbound: Volume 4.

Need For Speed Unbound Update: Volume 4 Release Date

Need For Speed Unbound Volume 4 kicks off on August 16, 2023. The update will go live for Playstation 5 (PS5), Xbox Series X and S, and PC on the same day.

Need For Speed Unbound Update Volume 4: What's New?

Porsche's 75th Anniversary Celebration

Porsche's 75th Anniversary Celebration

Need For Speed Unbound

At the heart of the Volume 4 update lies a tribute to Porsche's 75 years of automotive excellence. Players are invited to the Kennedy Test Track, a virtual setting designed to celebrate this milestone. The Porsche 75th-anniversary Playlist allows players to engage in stunt-based challenges within Linkups, showcasing the iconic Porsche vehicles.

Completion of this special Playlist rewards players with a fully electric Porsche Taycan Turbo S (2022) after three successful runs, while reaching Speed Pass rank 50 grants access to a Legendary Custom Porsche 911 Carrera S (1997).

Introducing Gauntlet Playlists: Risk and Reward

The update also introduces Gauntlet Playlists, offering a new level of challenge and excitement. In these events, players face determined law enforcement officers in the Lakeshore setting, balancing risk and reward as they navigate through the intense races. Success leads to higher rewards, while failure results in no rewards, establishing a risk-reward dynamic that heightens the gameplay experience.

Expansion of Linkup Areas and Collaboration

Linkup areas, where players can collaborate and engage in challenges together, also see an expansion with the Volume 4 update. Up to 16 players can participate in new Linkup locations, such as the Kennedy Test Track and Griffith Construction.

Collaboration in these areas allows players to collectively earn experience points and build their in-game currency (Bank). The player with the highest contribution will obtain the "Top Player" title.

Boosted Events for Additional Rewards

The Volume 4 update introduces Boosted events within Lakeshore Online. Certain Playlists and Linkups receive temporary boosts, offering players the opportunity to earn extra rewards and accelerate their in-game progress. This feature encourages players to engage with specific events and capitalize on the heightened rewards.

Refreshed Challenges and DLC Packs

Daily, weekly, and one-shot challenges have also been updated, providing players with new avenues to accumulate in-game currency. Additionally, a selection of Premium DLC packs is now available. These packs include vehicles like the Legendary Custom Mercedes-AMG G 63 (2017) in the Hip Hop Origin Swag Pack and the Lotus Exige S Legendary Custom Pack.

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