Need For Speed Mobile: Potential Release Date & Pre-Registration Details

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Need For Speed Mobile: Potential Release Date &amp; Pre-Registration Details</p></div>
Need For Speed Mobile: Potential Release Date &amp; Pre-Registration Details


EA's Need For Speed Mobile is on the way to ignite the roads and excite players.
While the official release date is yet to be confirmed, rumors hint at a spring 2024 launch.
The latest closed beta for the game is going to take place in late November and will last till December of 2023.

When EA released the very first mobile game of the Need For Speed, Need For Speed: No Limits, the internet went crazy. The gaming community was surprised as well as excited to experience the game on the go. Now, its second franchise called the Need For Speed Mobile is on the way and fans couldn’t be happier. The stellar graphics and smooth gameplay wait for no one. While we don’t have the official release date yet, a lot of other info has made its way to the public. 

This article sheds light on relevant info surrounding the Need For Speed Mobile by EA. 

Need For Speed Mobile Release Date

The official release date for Need For Speed remains unknown. However, rumors suggest that the game is already in the final phase of its development. Currently, players are awaiting the beta release of the game so that they can get a glimpse of what is to come.

We can expect the game to be out somewhere around the spring of 2024, according to multiple reports.

Need For Speed Mobile Beta Test

The next adrenaline-fueled chapter in mobile gaming is going to release the second closed beta test soon. The second closed beta test is revving up and is set to be rolled out on 30th November. It will be in the closed beta test till 12th December 2023. This experience is exclusively available for Android and iOS players in the region of Australia and Canada.

Notably, the first Need For Speed beta test took place in Australia between 13th July and 20th July 2023. Despite it being a limited play test, it left players hungry for more as they experienced the high stakes NFS world. The first beta featured 18 heart-pounding tracks, a fleet of over 15 cars, and a vast open world spanning across hundreds of square kilometers. 

How To Pre-Register For Need For Speed Mobile

EA said, "The highly anticipated brand-new Need for Speed mobile game will soon commence its limited short-term testing phase, offering an extensive range of game content for you to experience. Join now and your feedback could help make the game even better!"

Get ready to be at the forefront of the action by pre-registering for the Need For Speed beta tests. Here's a quick guide to doing so:

  • Visit the official website of Need For Speed Mobile.

  • Find the 'Stay Up To Date' section.

  • Enter Your Details.

  • Hit 'Sign Up' to pre-register and rev up for the thrills!

By completing these quick steps, you'll be on the VIP list, and will be able to receive the latest game updates and breaking news.

Don't miss your chance to be part of the Need For Speed beta tests. Keep an eye out for the latest dates by following EA on socials.

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