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Mumbai Gullies Undergoes Road Revamp

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Mumbai Gullies is a GTA-style, open-world, action-adventure game.
In a recent tweet by Nikhil Malankar, it was revealed that the game has undergone some major changes, from day-night cycles to road revamping.
The creators of the game also aim to establish experience centers for the promotion.

Mumbai Gullies is an open-world, action-adventure game, much like GTA, featuring the lively streets of Mumbai. The game allows full exploration of these streets in third person perspective. The game follows a protagonist and his life journey as he goes from becoming a local gully leader to ruling the entire city of Mumbai. 

The updates regarding the revamped roadmap were announced by Nikhil Malankar via Twitter, sharing the roadmap of the upcoming Indian GTA equivalent.

Read on to learn more about the revamped roadmap and Mumbai Gullies

Road Revamp and Graphics

In the Mumbai Gullies trailers, we can identify the gradual progression that the graphics are undergoing. From pixelated to low graphics, we have come a long way, waiting for Mumbai Gullies. While the graphics are not the worst, they can be better.

The game, developed by GameEon Studios, aims to bring a GTA-like experience to Indian gamers. While conceptually, the idea sounds amazing, we are yet to reach a position where the visuals could meet our GTA-like expectations. However, the game also features many Indian quips, like missions involving boarding the local bus or interacting with NPCs over a plate of vada pav. 

Other new updates, as seen in the new trailer involve the addition of a day-night cycle as well as weather changes, making the game more realistic. Moreover, the vehicles have also undergone some developments, making them heavier than they were.

Mumbai Gullies Experience Center

Along with the update announcement, Nikhil Malankar has also disclosed the establishment of Mumbai Gullies Experience Centers to promote the game. Players will get a chance to experience the game closely in different regions of India. It has also been informed that Malankar himself will be present at all centers. 

Many fans have expressed their excitement about this initiative, which is the first of its kind. 

It is also through these experience centers that ambassadors of the game will be selected. Those willing to apply for ambassadorship can follow the instructions given on the tweet posted by Malankar. Reportedly, players who become ambassadors will earn commission sales from this event as well as get a chance to obtain exciting incentives. 

While a specific date for the event has not yet been announced, we know that it will commence in September 2023, kickstarting this Mumbai Gullies Experience Initiative.

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