Monster Hunter Series Celebrates 20th Anniversary

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Monster Hunter Series Celebrates 20th Anniversary</p></div>
Monster Hunter Series Celebrates 20th Anniversary


Monster Hunter is looking forward to celebrating its 20th anniversary on 11th March 2024.
While the anniversary is still months away, preparations have started, and it looks like some new content is on the way.
The Capcom franchise has unveiled a new website that will keep fans updated on the 20th anniversary shenanigans.

While the 20th anniversary of the Monster Hunter series is still months away, Capcom has started the preparations. Unveiling a new website, sharing a special message and teasing new content, Monster Hunter fans are having a field day with this. First announced on Twitter, the news has taken the gaming community by storm. Not only this, but the Monster Hunter series also featured a string of amazing artwork during the Tokyo Game Show 2023.

Capcom Unveils a New Website at Tokyo Game Show 2023

Monster Hunter is one of the most successful Capcom franchises. Having sold millions and millions of units, the success of the series is undeniable. To commemorate the 20th year of the franchise, Capcom has revealed a new website via Twitter. Mentioning the 20th anniversary, Monster Hunter has shared one of the many visual arts highlighting the hunters.

While this is good news and means more content is on the way, many fans are still awaiting Monster Hunter 6. Not to get our hopes up, but it has been speculated that the franchise was teasing a new launch in the message they have shared on their website. The website was also announced via Twitter, urging fans to keep an eye out for news regarding the anniversary.

Fans can check out this website for a message that the creators have left for them. 

The message shared on the website is heartfelt, taking fans on a chronological rollercoaster and highlighting the history of Monster Hunter. It starts with a heart touching series of gratitude, commencing with reminiscing about a sleuth of features that Monster Hunter had during its conception in 2004. Indeed, the hunters have come a long way, traversing through “snowy mountains, the deep sea floor, ancient ruins, and undiscovered continents”.

Then, the team sheds light on their experience with the massive success of Monster Hunter: World. The message ends with a hopeful look toward the future, promising to bring “bigger, better, and even more exciting hunting experiences” for the fans. Many believe that the message is hinting at what fans have been wanting for a long time, the next iteration of the Monster Hunter series.

It is very possible that the company could also be hinting towards the new franchise, but it is crystal clear that new content is on its way. 

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