Monopoly Go Sunset Treasures: Rewards, Duration, Milestones, More



Monopoly Go Sunset Treasures: Rewards, Duration, Milestones, More

Aditi Joshi
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Monopoly Go has released a new mini-game that will run between 18th to 23rd March 2024.
All that the players have to do is use pickaxe tokens to unearth specific tiles to discover certain items in exchange for rewards.
In this article, we'll take a look at all possible rewards that players can earn by completing those milestones.

Monopoly Go has become the go-to digital platform to revive the excitement surrounding the classic board game. Besides from the regular main events and leaderboard tournaments, Scopely also releases new mini-games regularly. And this time, it has launched a game called Sunset Treasures. Here, players can dig for treasures.

This event will be active from 18th to 23rd March. Participants can earn rewards such as sticker packs and dice rolls, along with special event exclusive items like the Saharan Sapphire shield and Egyptian Hippo token.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at this mini-game, focusing particularly on the rewards it is offering for corresponding milestones.

Monopoly Go Sunset Treasures: Complete Details

What is Monopoly Go Sunset Treasures?

Basically, the Sunset Treasures mini-game is one of the many Monopoly Go shenanigans that are regularly introduced in the game to keep it interesting and engaging. All players have to do is recover hidden items marked on a grid. And to do so, you will have to break the squares or tiles with pickaxes.

As you advance further and complete certain milestones, you'll be able to bag some exciting rewards in return.

Monopoly Go Sunset Treasures: Milestones and Rewards

Now, to the exciting bit. Here are all the rewards you'll get as you complete each milestone. There are a total of 20 milestones in the game. As you progress, you'll be eligible to win 2,500 Free Dice Rolls, Wild Sticker, Cash Prize on your 20th milestone.

Here are all the rewards:

  1. 25 Free Dice Rolls

  2. Cash Prize

  3. 75 Free Dice Rolls

  4. Pink Vault (200 Free Dice Rolls, Two-Star Sticker Pack, Cash Prize)

  5. Cash Prize

  6. 150 Free Dice Rolls

  7. Cash Prize

  8. 200 Free Dice Rolls

  9. Blue Vault (400 Free Dice Rolls, 10 Pickaxe Tokens, Cash Prize)

  10. Three-Star Sticker Pack

  11. 300 Free Dice Rolls

  12. 500 Free Dice Rolls, Saharan Sapphire Shield

  13. Four-Star Sticker Pack

  14. 350 Free Dice Rolls

  15. 500 Free Dice Rolls

  16. Egyptian Hippo Token

  17. 15 Pickaxe Tokens

  18. 450 Free Dice Rolls, Sticker Boom for 30 Minutes

  19. Five-Star Sticker Pack

  20. 2,500 Free Dice Rolls, Wild Sticker, Cash Prize

How to Earn Pickaxe Tokens in Monopoly Go?

In completing these milestones, an important item that you will need is a pickaxe token. Here are a few simple ways to collect them:

  1. Quick Wins: Complete your quick win goals.

  2. Free Gifts: Keep an eye out for Pickaxe tokens in your free gifts.

  3. Daily Tournaments and Events: Take part in daily tournaments and events to earn tokens for free.

This is how you can ensure that you have enough pickaxe tokens to complete the milestones for Sunset Treasures.

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