Monopoly Go Event Schedule: Everything You Need to Know

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Monopoly Go Event Schedule: Everything You Need to Know


Monopoly Go hosts exciting ingame events and tournaments for players to earn rewards.
Here is everything you need to know about Monopoly Go Event schedule.

Monopoly Go is one of the latest titles that has been widely played by mobile gamers since its launch. The game puts up events from time to time, allowing players to take part in exciting challenges and receive valuable rewards.

In this article, we’ll share everything you need to know about Monopoly Go Event Schedule 2023, how to get most of the events, and what they are about.

How Long Do Monopoly Go Events Run?

Monopoly Go Season Events are the main events in the game. Usually, these events last for two months. However, main events usually run for two or three days, and the tournaments run for one or two days.

If you’re not sure when the event ends, there’s a timer with each update that lets you know how long you have to complete all milestones and earn rewards.

What Are Different Monopoly Go Events?

Monopoly Go! Season Events

Season events in Monopoly Go usually run for three months. If you’re looking for big and exciting rewards, season events are the best option. In order to complete Season Events, you have to collect stickers to complete collections and, ultimately, your album for the event. Every time you complete a collection, you’ll get tons of rewards, including money and thousands of free dice throws.

Monopoly Go! Main Events

Monopoly Go Main Events can be found listed at the front and center of the game screen. They’re always running and last for two or three days maximum. Within a main event, there are 40+ milestones for players to complete and gain rewards. While your goal is to complete the main event, it’s difficult due to the number of dice you require to reach the end. Hence, it’s better to check the milestone list for an event and find a good one to aim for.

Monopoly Go! Tournaments

Monopoly Go Tournaments are similar to main events; you have to go through milestones, usually about 25, and once it ends, you get a reward based on your place in that tournament. It’s different for every tournament, but the top two places are guaranteed purple sticker packs.

Monopoly Go! Side Events

Players can also find side events in Monopoly Go that run from time to time. These include events such as Cash Grab, Cash Boost, Peg E-Prize Drop, Board Rush, Rent Frenzy, Free Parking, and much more. These events are an extra way to earn rewards and bonuses.

Are Monopoly Go Events Worth Playing?

Definitely! If you’re looking to earn rewards to progress in the game, events can help you in a lot of ways. However, it’s better if you aim for certain milestones or rewards, as completing events is not worth it because you will require a lot of dice.

And that’s everything you need to know about the Monopoly Go Event schedule. Be sure to follow us for more Monopoly Go news and guides.

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