Minecraft Guide: How to Install Mods for Android?


Minecraft Guide: How to Install Mods for Android?

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Installing mods on Minecraft PE requires you to follow three different steps depending on the type of mod file you download.
Make sure you download the files from reputed modding sites to avoid any discrepancies.
Installing .JS and .MODPKG files requires you to use BlockLauncher from the Play Store.

The installation of mods is pretty common in most versions of Minecraft but the Pocket Edition available for mobile devices have always lacked this feature which allowed you to customize the game according to your preferences. Thankfully, that is not the case anymore and you can now enjoy a modded Minecraft experience on the go. Although it is not as straightforward as the PC version, it can still be done quite intuitively, provided you follow these instructions. Let’s jump right in and figure out how to do it.

Here’s How You Can Install Minecraft Mods on Android

Before you embark on your modding journey, there are a few necessary steps that you need to follow to ensure your Android device is capable of handling such mods. Make sure you use your built-in cleaner app or download one to free up storage, clear intensive caches, and improve your RAM management.

You must also make sure that Minecraft PE is updated to the latest version to ensure maximum compatibility with various types of mods.

Installing Mods on Your Android Device

Before you install any mods, you need to know that there are different types of mod files, each of them requiring you to follow a slightly different procedure to add them to your game.

.MCPack and .MCWorld files (.MCAddon)

  • Make sure you have a file explorer that allows you to rename your mod files. An example of this would be something like File Manager Plus.

  • Download a mod of your choice from any reputable websites like MCPE Central or other.

  • Once downloaded, open the file manager, navigate to the Downloads folder, select the mod file and import it to Minecraft.

  • You might automatically get the prompt upon tapping  on the mod file and all you need to do is select the game.

.ZIP and .RAR Files

  • Download the mod files and extract it using your preferred file explorer.

  • Upon extracting, you will receive two folders; one texture pack and one behavior pack.

  • Head to /games/com.mojang/ (usually in internal storage) and place the texture pack in resource_packs and the behavior pack in behavior_packs.

  • Open Minecraft PE, create a new world and activate both these packs

  • You might also wanna enable all experimental features to make sure your mod files have maximum compatibility.

.JS and .MODPKG Files

  • If your mods are more comprehensive than regular add-ons, you might want to use the BlockLauncher from the Play Store.

  • Download your preferred mod from a reputed website.

  • Launch Minecraft PE using BlockLauncher and use the option called Manage ModPE Scripts to import the mod file from your Downloads folder

That is pretty much how you install mods on the Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android. Make sure you always use reputable websites to download your mods to avoid any kind of security risks.

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