Minecraft End-Game Guide: How to Reach The End and Defeat the Ender Dragon?


Minecraft End-Game Guide: How to Reach The End and Defeat the Ender Dragon?

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Entering the End world requires you to craft Eyes of Ender which can be done by combining Ender Pearls and Blaze powder.
Killing the Ender Dragon will grant you a colossal amount of player experience along with a Dragon Egg that can be showcased as a trophy.
Make sure to carry water buckets or potion of slow falling as you might receive massive fall damage during the battle.

The world of Minecraft puts you in a massive sandbox with tons of activities to keep you occupied for hours and hours. The game offers a colossal number of items that will help you unleash your creativity while also familiarizing yourself with the nuances of it. This title has received numerous updates over the years, which brought several game modes and plenty of third-party maps and servers for players to enjoy.

That being said, the game has still retained its classic survival mode which still provides a plethora of things to do, including a solid end-game phase where you must defeat a powerful boss. If you are wondering how to reach the End world and have a triumphant victory over the Ender Dragon, you have stumbled upon the right guide. Let’s go ahead and take a look!

How to Reach The End and Defeat the Ender Dragon in Minecraft?

Considering its difficulty, reaching the End in Minecraft requires you to meet certain prerequisites in order to have a prosperous victory over the mighty Ender Dragon. These are:

  • Diamond Pickaxe

  • Nether Portal

  • Diamond Armor pieces

  • Diamond Sword

  • Enchanted Bow 

  • Arrows

  • Dirt blocks

  • Water Bucket / Potion of Slow Falling

  • Eyes of Ender

You can also replace the Diamond Armor pieces with Netherite if you wish to significantly lower your damage intake. It is also recommended that you carry numerous dirt blocks which will come in handy during the final battle. Having at least a level three sharpness enchantment on your sword would allow you to deal massive damage to your enemies.

Finding the End Portal and Reaching the End

After obtaining enough Obsidian, you will need to create a Nether portal and head into the Nether world. Enter any one of the fortresses made with Nether bricks. You will find Blaze mobs inside the fortress which will grant you one of the ingredients to create the Eyes of Ender. You can either choose to wait for them to drop Blaze sticks or simply take matters into your one hands, although the most efficient way to do it would be to throw snowballs at them.

You must also make sure you have enough Ender pearls which drop after killing one of the toughest and most frustrating mobs in the game, the Enderman. You will require at least 12 of these pearls which when combined with Blaze powder will create an Eye of Ender.

Once you are back in your world, craft the Eye of Ender and throw it out so that they float around the sky and point you in the direction of the stronghold. As you continue to follow them, you will see their altitude drop, indicating that you are closer to the stronghold. You might also find them drop down to the ground without breaking which indicates that you will have to dig down to find the underground stronghold. Keep in mind that they will break after several uses so make sure you make as many as you can.

After entering the stronghold, you will have to navigate to the room where the End Portal is located. You will need to place 12 Eyes of Ender but you might find some slots already filled with few of them. Once you have set up the portal jump into it and enter the End world.

Killing the Ender Dragon

Defeating this majestic dragon requires quite a bit of skill and planning. This is where most of your prerequisites will be used so make sure to bring an abundance of them. This battle initially requires you to defeat the End crystals which are located on top of Obsidian towers, as they replenish the Ender Dragon’s health, nullifying all damage you do to it.  While the uncaged ones can be taken down, the caged ones require you to use those dirt blocks, climb up, and attack them in close range. Keep in mind that you will take huge amounts of damage while the crystals are destroyed so make sure you build a platform so you can distance yourself from it.

Once these crystals are destroyed the dragon will fly down and make you the primary target. The dragon will shoot fireballs at you and even launch you up in the air. Here, you can use the portion of slow falling or use the water bucket to bypass fall damage. The dragon will also fly up occasionally and this would be the right time to use your enchanted bow and shoot arrows at them.

After draining its health pool, the dragon will fall to its defeat and a portal will spawn, leading you back to your world. You will also receive tons of player XP along with a Dragon Egg which can be showcased as a trophy for your triumphant victory.

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