Minecraft Disney Worlds of Adventure: Everything You Need to Know

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Minecraft X Disney Worlds of Adventure


Minecraft’s Disney Worlds of Adventure is now live and you can get the DLC for 1340 Mnecoins.
The DLC includes content from six iconic Disney IPs including Aladdin, Lion King, Little Mermaid, Alice ion Wonderland, Snow White and Beauty and the Beast.

Minecraft has released a six-part adventure featuring some of the most iconic characters from the world of Disney. If you grew up with characters like Ariel, Snow White, Aladdin and the Lion King, you should check out the DLC. The game is also getting a free Character Creator item known as the Platinum Crown as part of the new update. The bundle is available for 1340 Minecoins which translates to around $7.99 USD for all six parts.

What’s included in the Minecraft - Disney Worlds of Adventure DLC?

If you purchase the Disney Worlds of Adventure DLC, here are the six bits of content that you get access to. 


In the city of Agrabah, Aladdin and Genie are missing, and you and Jasmine need to find them. You'll use the Magic Carpet to explore the city's alleyways and markets.

Little Mermaid

Under the sea, you'll join a little mermaid on a treasure hunt in a vibrant coral reef. No need for a Potion of Water Breathing! You'll explore shipwrecks, underwater caves, and look for valuable items.

Lion King

Nala and Simba will take you on a journey from Pride Rock to a new jungle biome. You might encounter exotic creatures and enjoy some unique grub. Just convince Zazu to give you some freedom.

Alice in Wonderland

Your mission is to find Alice with the help of White Rabbit, the Doorknob, and Cheshire Cat. You'll decipher their clues and explore a labyrinth of imagination. Be careful not to anger the Queen of Hearts and her soldiers.

Snow White

In the serene forest biome, you'll join Snow White and her seven friends for a flower-picking game. Enjoy the peaceful meadow with its critters.

Beauty and the Beast

You'll scout the castle occupied by the Beast, replacing your pickaxe with a pitchfork. Gaston and villagers need your help. This adventure should be easier than your previous battles with zombies and creepers.

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