Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Can You Play as Venom?

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Can You Play as Venom


There's no doubt that Venom is one of Spider-Man's most iconic villains, and he has finally debuted in the Insomniac Games Spider-Man universe.
However, players wonder if they can play as Venom in Spider-Man 2. Here's what you need to know.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 features two playable characters, Peter Parker and Miles Morales, but can you play as Venom?

Venom is one of the huge parts of the game and acts as the primary antagonist. He's a key focus of the promotional material of Marvel's Spider-Man 2, and considering how you not only play as some side characters, including MJ, a lot of players are wondering if they can also play as Venom.

Well, we're going to answer that for you. Here's everything you need to know about Venom being playable in Spider-Man 2.

Can You Play as Venom

Can You Play as Venom in Spider-Man 2?

Short answer: Yes! You can play Venom in the latest Spider-Man game, but there's a catch. You can only be Venom for a short period of time, and that too, at the end of Marvel's Spider-Man 2. 

Playing as Venom is only limited to the game's 'Don't Be Scared' mission. After Peter is able to get rid of the Symbiote suit, he goes to Oscorp Tower to help Dr. Conners destroy it. Harry is already waiting for him once he's there with a canister containing the Symbiote.

Since Harry has been without the Symbiote for a long time, he's extremely weak. Peter wants to destroy it because of the danger it possesses, while Harry wants to save himself. He confronts Parker, and the canister breaks and the Symbiote latches to Harry.

Due to Harry's weakened state, the complete transformation takes place with Venom's long tongue, sharp teeth, and giant physique finally coming out. Before Peter can take him on, Normal Steps in, letting Venom incapacitate Parker. Here's where you finally get to play as Venom

You'll engage in a full-fledged battle against Kraven and his forces during the mission. Ultimately, you'll defeat Kraven in this mission. However, do note that you won't be able to switch to Venom as freely as you can with Peter and Miles.

The best part about this mission? You'll get a distinct moveset for Venom rather than recycling existing Peter or Miles animations. You do get the experience of playing as Venom, but again, you don't have full control.

So there go, that's whether you can play as Venom in Marvel's Spider-Man 2. Be sure to follow us as we'll update you with the latest Spider-Man 2 news and guides. 

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