Marvel’s Midnight Suns in Marvel Snap: Event, Login Reward, Shop Takeover Explained


Marvel’s Midnight Suns in Marvel Snap: Event, Login Reward, Shop Takeover Explained

Aditi Joshi
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Marvel Snap has joined hands with Marvel’s Midnight Suns, sending waves of excitement throughout the gaming community.
The partnership features a plethora of rewards like new card variants, bundles, a new location etc.
The collaboration comes at the right time since Marvel Snap’s one-year anniversary is just around the corner.

Up until recently, Marvel Snap’s massive collaborations were confined to the franchise’s TV shows or movies. However, the card battler has recently joined hands with another massive Marvel game called Marvel’s Midnight Suns to bring exciting rewards and a dynamic gaming experience. Gamers worldwide are ready to dive headfirst into this thrilling collaboration, which has brought forth new variants, new rewards, and even a new location called The Abbey coming to the game. 

Second Dinner said, “This month, we’re excited to announce our darkest collaboration ever with our friends at 2K Games and Marvel’s Midnight Suns. With free login rewards, exclusive bundles, a total shop takeover, and an all-new location inspired by the hit-game, there’s plenty of darkness to embrace.

The event will run between 3rd October and 6th November. This article will help you understand the Marvel Snap Midnight Suns collaboration. 

Marvel Snap & Marvel’s Midnight Suns Rewards

Here is the list of rewards under the Marvel Snap and Marvel’s Midnight Suns collaboration:

  1. Login Reward - Doctor Strange Midnight Suns Variant Card

  2. New Location - The Abbey

  3. Conquest Reward - Iron Man

  4. Midnight Suns Variants - Tarot Card Takeover

  5. Magik’s Birthday Party Bundle

Let us take a look at these rewards one by one. 

Login Reward - Doctor Strange Midnight Suns Variant Card

Login Reward - Doctor Strange Midnight Suns Variant Card

Kickstarting this collaboration is the Doctor Strange Midnight Suns Variant. You can earn this variant by simply logging in to Marvel Snap during the span of this campaign. The reward will be accessible across all Marvel Snap platforms - Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. The card will be automatically added to your Marvel Snap Inbox. 

New Location - The Abbey

New Location - The Abbey

Players who are familiar with Marvel’s Midnight Suns already know about the Abbey. It is more than just a hangout spot for the protagonist and his buddies. It has proven to be a resourceful hub where strategies for upcoming missions can be planned. Players can expect this location to be featured from 10th October.

This is how the Abbey will work: First to put exactly 2 cards here draws a card.

Conquest Reward - Iron Man

Conquest Reward - Iron Man

The Iron Man Midnight Suns Variant card can be acquired exclusively through the conquest mode. Beat your opponents in the game and then spend your medals on nine or more items from the Medal Shop between 3rd October and 6th November to get the conquest-exclusive Iron Man Midnight Suns variant card.

Midnight Suns Variants - Tarot Card Takeover

Midnight Suns Variants - Tarot Card Takeover

Brand new Midnight Suns Variants are making their way to the Marvel Snap in-game shop between 11th October and 13th October. Players who have taken their time to explore the Abbey may recognize some of these cards. There are 24 new variants in total. After 13th October, these exciting collectibles will partake in the regular shop rotation. These variants are as follows:

  1. Black Panther - The Emperor

  2. Blade - Midnight Suns

  3. Bucky Barnes - The Hanged Man

  4. Captain America - Midnight Suns

  5. Captain Marvel - Midnight Suns

  6. Deadpool - The Fool

  7. Death - Death

  8. Doctor Doom - The Magician

  9. Domino - The Wheel of Fortune

  10. Galactus - The Judgement

  11. Human Torch - The Sun

  12. Jean Grey - The High Priestess

  13. Moon Knight - The Moon

  14. Namor - The Hermit

  15. Nova - The Star

  16. Professor X - The Hierophant

  17. Scarlet Witch - Midnight Suns

  18. She-Hulk - Justice

  19. Silver Surfer - The Chariot

  20. Spider-Man - Midnight Suns

  21. Storm - The Empress

  22. Thor - Strength

  23. Uatu the Watcher - The World

  24. Wolverine - Midnight Suns

Magik’s Birthday Party Bundle

Last, but definitely not the least is the exclusive Magik’s Birthday Party Bundle. Thanks to the Midnight Suns Variant Party, Magik is receiving her own premium collection. The bundle is available in the Marvel Snap in-game shop from 3rd October till 6th November. The following are part of the bundle:

  • Magik - Midnight Suns variant card

  • Magik - Midnight Suns avatar

  • Title: TSA Took My Soulsword

  • 750 Credits

  • 150 Gold

  • 155 Magik Boosters

Magik’s Birthday Party Bundle

This bundle is priced at $14.99 USD.

While this is not the last Marvel Snap collaboration, this is certainly the first one featuring another Marvel game. This comes just at the right time, since the one-year anniversary of Marvel Snap is just around the corner. There is no better way to celebrate it than by joining forces with another Marvel card-centric game. 

It will be interesting to see what other collaborations this iconic partnership paves the way for in the future.

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