Ludwig Has Canceled Mogul Chessboxing 2023: "Biggest Failure of my Career"


Ludwig Has Canceled Mogul Chessboxing 2023: "Biggest Failure of my Career"

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YouTube creator Ludwig announced that the highly anticipated Mogul Chessboxing 2023 is canceled.
Ludwig claims that this cancellation is the "biggest failure" as a content creator. Here's everything you need to know.

In 2022, Ludwig announced his first-ever Mogul Chessboxing event, which was a highly successful tournament with a cast of well-known influencers.

The event took the title of the most watched Super Smash Bros tournament when it was live; it brought the entire community together. However, Ludwig recently announced that the Mogul Chessboxing event won't return in 2023. The YouTube creator was forced to cancel the tournament after funding and doing more than nine months of planning for the next Chessboxing event. 

Why Did Ludwig Cancel Mogul Chessboxing 2023?

In a recent YouTube stream, Ludwig revealed why he had to cancel the Mogul Chessboxing 2023 event. He explained that the event was canceled because the federally-run athletics commission did not sanction it.

Both the USA Boxing and Nevada State Athletics Commission did not sanction Mogul Chessboxing, forcing Ludwig and his team to cancel the event. Ludwig was extremely disappointed to cancel Mogul Chessboxing, labeling it the "biggest failure of [his] career".

Ludwig would have risked going to jail if the Chessboxing event happened without being sanctioned, as the Amateur Sports Act of 1978 needs amateur sports events to be sanctioned by relevant organizations.

Changing the location for Mogul Chessboxing 2023 was one of the issues that led to the cancellation. Ludwig and his team wanted to do something bigger for this year's iteration, and that's why they chose to book the Orleans Arena venue in Las Vegas. There was a Ticketmaster page ready to launch on 3rd October 2023.

"I'm super bummed to announce that Chessboxing will not be happening this year," Ludwig said in a X post. "This is definitely the biggest failure of my career but has motivated me to be the best creator I can be in 2024."

When the news broke out, fans rushed to encourage Ludwig and shared that they're looking forward to the Mogul Chessboxing's return in 2024.

YouTuber Karl Jacobs responded to Ludwig, saying that he has had a "sick career". Karl Jacobs commented "Easy to get stuck harping on where things go wrong. Totally been here but try to not let it consume ya too long man. Such a sick career that's only gonna get cooler n cooler. Sorry this one didn't work out for you though,"

While we're not going to see Mogul Chessboxing in 2023, Ludwig is planning to bring back the event in 2024. Details will come much later after Ludwig recovers financially and thinks about a new plan. 

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