Lego Fortnite Will Finally Feature the Steering Wheel Along With Brand-New Vehicles!


Lego Fortnite Will Finally Feature the Steering Wheel Along With Brand-New Vehicles!

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Epic Games has officially announced the addition of the highly requested Steering Wheel feature to Lego Fortnite along with a new Wheel type that comes attached with an axle.
You will also gain access to new vehicle types along with the Steering wheel, available right after the v29.10 update on 26th March.

First introduced in December 2023, Lego Fortnite has remained one of the most well-regarded game modes, right alongside Fortnite Festival and Rocket Racing. Regardless of its popularity, many players agree that it is long overdue for an update, considering that it has been three months since its release. 

Thankfully, with the upcoming V29.10 update, Epic Games has finally announced the addition of the highly requested Steering Wheel feature, along with a new lineup of vehicles, which has excited fans of the blocky game mode. Without further ado, here's everything you need to know!

v29.10 Update Will Bring the Steering Wheel and New Vehicles to Lego Fortnite

Numerous leaks were floating around on various social media sites, mentioning that after a few setbacks from the developers, they are finally ready to include the long-awaited Steering Wheel in Lego mode. This was soon followed by the Lego Fortnite account on X, posting images of Steerable Wheels along with new vehicles that will be added to the game as part of the V29.10 update on 26th March.

This will certainly be a welcomed feature as the current version of this game mode demands players to use levers and thrusters to steer through the terrain, and does not allow them to steer their wheeled vehicles directly. To counter this, the devs will also be adding wheels with axles, essentially acting as an axle, that will now be turnable with the addition of the Steering wheel. 

Although the exact features of this new Wheel type have not yet been revealed, many speculate that it might also have all-wheel-drive functionality, allowing players to climb up rough terrain and cliffs. Besides creating your own wheeled machines, you will also be able to access new vehicle types, that will allow easy traversal through the diverse biomes in Lego Fortnite, without having to deal with foes while looting for resources.

These might range from light vehicles made purely for exploration, to heavily armored vehicles with mountable weapons to fend off dangerous enemies, and space to haul cargo. If such vehicles are showcased, it will allow players to take a new approach to facing formidable creatures in the game. All of the aforementioned items, including the vehicles themselves, might be available as crafting recipes, increasing the use of various resources in this mode.

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