Legendary Weapons in Starfield: How to Find Them

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Legendary Weapons in Starfield


Here is a guide to obtain all eight legendary weapons in Starfield during your playthrough.
Some of these weapons are locked behind lategame campaign missions so you will not be seeing them anytime soon if you just started the game.

Want to get your hands on legendary weapons in Starfield? There are tons of powerful weapons in Bethesda’s new RPG that can give you a power boost. From a laser rifle that melts enemies to a super accurate pistol that one taps enemies, our guide will help you find all of these powerful weapons during your playthrough. Do note that some of the most powerful weapons are locked behind late-game missions so if you just started playing, you will not be seeing some of the things listed below anytime soon.

All legendary weapons in Starfield and their sources

Unrestrained Vengeance

Obtainable during the "High Price to Pay" main story mission by defeating the Hunter once. He will reward you with a Rare laser rifle and credits when you return to your ship.

The Last Priest

To acquire The Last Priest, complete the "Infinity's End" side quest, initiated by siding with the Hunter at the end of the "Unearthed" main story mission. You'll receive this Rare melee weapon either by following the Hunter's instructions or by convincing him that you did.

Eternity's Gate

Eternity's Gate is a Legendary particle beam rifle, considered one of the best weapons in Starfield. Obtain it by defeating the Emissary at the Buried Temple, an option available if you side with the Hunter during the "Unearthed" main story mission or remain neutral.

Unmitigated Violence

Unmitigated Violence is the Hunter's primary weapon, a Legendary laser rifle. You can acquire it by defeating the Hunter at the Buried Temple. However, this option is unavailable if you side with him during the "Unearthed" main story mission. Consider siding with the Emissary or remaining neutral to obtain it.

Heller's Cutter

Find Heller's Cutter in a crate on Vectera, the starting moon in Starfield. You won't be able to access it during your first visit, but after delivering the Artifact to Constellation, return to the Narion system to claim this weapon.

Sir Livingstone's Pistol

To obtain Sir Livingstone's Pistol, select the Kid's Stuff trait at the game's beginning. Join Constellation and visit the Residential District of New Atlantis to meet your digital parents. Your digital Dad will reward you with this sentimental weapon.


Completing the Deep Cover side mission is your ticket to the Keelhauler. Triggered by entering United Colonies airspace with contraband or a bounty, this mission requires infiltrating the Crimson Fleet. Upon success, you'll receive this Legendary pistol, one of the finest in Starfield.


Spend time around the Altair system to receive a distress signal from Private Mahoney, initiating the Groundpounder side quest. Head to the Freestar Collective Research Outpost on Altair II and deal with Spacers to earn the Peacekeeper as a reward.

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