Leaked Gameplay Trailer Unveils Sega’s Next Franchise Entry: Sonic Toys Party


Leaked Gameplay Trailer Unveils Sega’s Next Franchise Entry: Sonic Toys Party

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According to Leakers, Sonic Toys Party will be a free-to-play mobile game for both iOS and Android devices, showcasing fast-paced, Fall Guys-like gameplay.
Sonic Toys Party will feature a diverse list of characters ranging from Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Metal Sonic, Amy, Eggman, etc.
The game is expected to launch sometime in the third quarter of 2024.

Following the release of Sonic Superstars last year, fans anticipated the next game in Sega’s critically acclaimed Sonic franchise. Although speculations were running rampant online, we now have a leaked gameplay trailer of the new entry to the series, much to the rejoice of mobile gamers. This latest game dubbed Sonic Toys Party, is expected to be released for both iOS and Android, followed by a version for all other major platforms. Without further ado, let’s delve into the details of this upcoming title.

Sonic Toys Party Features Fall-Guys-Like Gameplay, Expected to Launch in June 2024

A Japanese version of the trailer has now been leaked, showcasing the gameplay of the next entry into Sega’s franchise that has been successfully running for over three decades. Right from the start, we can see that the game has indeed been developed for mobile devices and features fast-paced gameplay with multiple modes and stages to choose from.

As predicted earlier by Sega leaker Midori, Sonic Toys Party will have character designs that combine both modern and classic design styles inspired by the Sonic and Friends games from the past. This means players will get to choose from a diverse list of characters apart from the usual Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. All in-game characters also showcase some voice lines, which further adds to the immersion.

Moreover, Sonic Toys Party will also be a free game with a Battle Pass system, featuring both free and premium tiers, offering various in-game cosmetics like hats, shoes, outfits, etc. Although it seems to feature many game modes similar to Fall Guys, the gameplay seems to be much faster than Mediatonic’s title. There are also the traditional Sonic elements like collecting Rings for boosts, homing attacks, racing to the finish line, etc. 

The gameplay Trailer was first received by YouTuber The Sonic Show from a member of his Discord server and it has also been doing the rounds on Reddit, X, and other social media sites since then. If you think the gameplay looks a bit rough around the edges, leaker Midori also mentions that the footage is from an early development build of the game, that is almost a year old. This means Sega could have improved the visuals and carried out other changes as well.

Sonic Toys Party will contain five different levels with areas like Green Hill, Chemical Plant, Wave Ocean, a Lava zone, and another Maze-like level featured in the video. Considering the footage is almost a year old, we can expect the game to showcase more areas along with new game modes, at least as part of future updates after its launch. Although all these aspects are certainly intriguing, these leaks or features have not yet been confirmed by Sega. However, many expect the game to launch by the third quarter of this year. 

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