Latest Fortnite Leaks Reveal a Brand-New Vehicle Hijacking Mechanic for Chapter 5 Season 3

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Latest Fortnite Leaks Reveal a Brand-New Vehicle Hijacking Mechanic for Chapter 5 Season 3</p></div>

Latest Fortnite Leaks Reveal a Brand-New Vehicle Hijacking Mechanic for Chapter 5 Season 3



Rumors suggest Epic Games is planning to add a brand-new vehicle hijacking feature in Fortnite's upcoming season.
Leaks have revealed that there will be a "Steal" prompt, and players must hijack the car before it crashes or moves suddenly.

Epic Games’ Fortnite has always featured a map much smaller than other popular battle royale games out there. This meant that vehicles for efficient mobility weren’t really needed in the game. However, the developers have been making the map larger with each chapter, which has now brought vehicles such as cars and bikes. We saw the first vehicle in Fortnite, a Golf Cart, which was a slow mode of mobility on the OG map. With future updates, we saw the addition of faster vehicles, allowing players to make quick moves through the map. The use of vehicles in the game is still limited to escaping storm circles or making map rotations. However, recent Fortnite leaks reveal the addition of a new vehicle feature that allows players to hijack vehicles in the game. Let’s take a look at what we know about this feature and how it could shake up Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3. 

Leaks Suggest Fortnite is Adding a Vehicle Hijacking Mechanic in Chapter 5 Season 3

In a recent X post, reputable Fortnite leaker @SpushFNBR revealed that Fortnite is planning to add an all-new vehicle mechanic in the next season. This mechanic will allow players to hijack vehicles driven by other players. 

Although Epic Games hasn’t revealed anything about the mechanic, the leaker has shared a few details of what players can expect with the mechanic. There will be a “Steal” prompt that will show up when a vehicle can be taken over. The attempt to hijack will fail if the vehicle ends up crashing or sudden movements distract the player from the prompt’s full completion. 

That’s not all; players will also be able to cancel vehicle hijacking attempts. The leaker also suggests that the hijacking mechanic will have a cooldown setting. However, it's still unknown how long the timer will last. The hijacking mechanic for Fortnite Season 5 Chapter 3 makes sense, as the recent roadmap leak has confirmed that the upcoming season will be Apocalypse/MadMax-themed.

How Can Vehicle-Hijacking Feature Shake Up Fortnite?

While you might think that vehicle hijacking is a normal feature, it will open the door to more creative and risky plays in the game. Players will be able to steal vehicles from other players during highly intense situations. If the rumors are true, and Epic Games does add this feature, it will completely transform how high-ranked lobbies and tournaments are played out. Currently, players are able to make their way into an opponent’s car while it’s running. With the new feature, players will be able to kick the opponent out of the vehicle completely. 

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