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Is Wuthering Waves A Gacha Game?

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Here is a quick explanation of Wuthering Waves' gacha system that will allow you to obtain characters and weapons.
The game is monetized through a summon feature similar to Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail.

Wuthering Waves is a story-rich open-world action RPG with gacha elements currently under development by Kuro Game Studio. It features a vast and diverse world filled with unique environments, boss fights and secrets. If you are interested in trying out the game but are concerned about the game's monetization, here's what you need to know about its gacha system.

Is Wuthering Waves a Gacha Game?

Wuthering Waves is indeed a gacha game! It features a gacha system where players spend in-game currency to roll on banners, hoping to unlock new characters and weapons. This system is similar to popular gacha games like Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail.

Here are some key points about the gacha system in Wuthering Waves:

Currency: Players use Modulation Keycodes to roll on banners. These can be earned through various in-game activities or purchased with real money.

Banners: There are different types of banners, each featuring a specific set of characters or weapons.

Rarity: Characters and weapons come in different rarities, with higher rarities being more powerful and harder to obtain.

Pity System: There is a pity system in place that guarantees a high-rarity character or weapon after a certain number of pulls.


  • 5-Star:

    • Base Rate: 0.8% (except Reverberating Wavebands: 1.7%)

    • Overall Rate: 1.6% (all 5-star characters)

  • 4-Star:

    • Base Rate: 6% (weapons included)

    • Overall Rate: 13% (weapons included)

    • Reverberating Wavebands: 2.5% base rate, 2.3% overall rate


  • Base Rate: 89%

  • Overall Rate: 81.5%

Reverberating Wavebands (both character and weapon) have a higher base rate than other characters/weapons of the same rarity. You are guaranteed one Resonator or Weapon of 4-star rarity within every 10 pulls. You are guaranteed at least one Resonator/Weapon of 5-star rarity within every 90 pulls.

The overall rate for each rarity takes into account pity mechanics or other systems that increase the chance of getting a higher rarity item after a certain number of pulls.

It's important to remember that gacha games involve chance, and these rates only represent the average probability of obtaining a certain rarity.

How to Earn Free Pulls in Wuthering Waves:

  • Farm Tacetreite Vouchers: Collect these through gameplay and convert them into Modulation Keycodes, the currency used for pulling characters and weapons.

  • Turn in Audio Caskets: Earned during exploration, these can be exchanged for Commemorative Coins.

  • Use Commemorative Coins: Purchase Modulation Keycodes with these Coins for additional pulls.

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