Is There a Max Level Cap in WoW: The War Within?

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Is There a Max Level Cap in WoW: The War Within?


The War Within is the tenth expansion released for World of Warcraft, introducing a brand-new continent, a new progression system, hero talents, and more.
While the Dragonflight expansion topped out at level 70, The War Within increased the maximum level to 80.

Blizzard recently released the Alpha playtest of a brand-new expansion for World of Warcraft (WoW) called The War Within, much to the joy of many fans. As expected, this expansion offers a diverse list of features, the main one being the introduction of Warbands, a new progression system that streamlines the process of transferring resources and currencies between all of their characters. Additionally, players also have access to new Warbound items, the Warbank Bank, and more

Considering that the alpha build of “The War Within” is available only for a selective list of players, many are wondering about all the changes it brings to the table. Besides the new features and gameplay, the predominant question seems to be if this expansion contains a level cap like Dragonflight.

What Is the Maximum Level You Can Reach in World of Warcraft: The War Within?

The War Within is the tenth expansion released for World of Warcraft. While the previous Dragonflight expansion maxed out at level 70, this new addition increased the level cap to 80, providing a challenge to veterans of the game. However, you need to keep in mind that the Alpha build of The War Within currently has a level limit of 73.

As mentioned earlier, The War Within expansion aims to provide a hassle-free streamlined experience for players who alternate between various character builds. Besides the announced features, creator MrGM also shared a post on X, which hints that the expansion would also introduce a system to reward players who level up their alts.

Upon reaching the maximum level of 80 on one character, players will get a baseline increase in the amount of XP for their alternate characters as well. This is certainly a welcomed feature, as more than half of WoW users tend to play two or more characters.

While you cannot access all of the content in The War Within, most of the content present in this expansion can still be experienced relatively earlier. Besides the Warband system, the increase in levels also brings new hero talents, which means this alpha version acts as a way to test out the latest effects and abilities.

If you are one of the lucky players with access to this Alpha test and wish to explore all the hero talents and new locations introduced in The War Within expansion, you must start by creating a template level 70 character. Once you do so, you can explore the brand-new continent of Khaz Algar. You can venture through zones like the Isle of Dorn, RInging Deeps, Hallowfall, and Azj-Kahet, which is the high capital of the Nerubian society.

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