Is Reverse 1999 Down? How To Check Server Status & Fix Connection Issues


Reverse 1999

Is Reverse 1999 Down? How To Check Server Status & Fix Connection Issues

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The Reverse 1999 servers are scheduled for maintenance and downtime on 18th January, 2024 from 5:00 AM UTC (10:00 AM IST).
The new Reverse 1999 Version 1.3 with Journey to the Mor Pankh will be available following this server downtime.
Players can keep an eye out on the game’s official X (formerly Twitter) handle to check for potential server downtimes in the future.

Reverse 1999 is a live-service game and is always online. So, its no surprise that its servers are vulnerable to occasional crashes and unexpected server downtime. Other times, the game may go under server maintenance to keep it running smoothly. But imagine logging into the game only to find out that the game client is not responding and you are unable to join any matches. Is it an issue on your end, or are the servers of the game down? 

Players might find themselves logged out again and again, or facing server-related network issues. Before jumping to conclusions, it is crucial to check the server status of the game. This article will help you identify the server status of the game and fix potential connection issues that Reverse 1999 might be facing. 

Is Reverse 1999 Down?

At the time of writing the servers are up and running. However, Reverse 1999 has shared crucial information regarding server maintenance on 18th January 2024. This info was shared via the game’s official X (formerly Twitter) handle.

As said in the above tweet, the game will undergo server maintenance starting 18th January 5:00 AM UTC (10:30 IST) until 10:00 AM UTC (3:30 PM IST). After the servers return, Reverse 1999 Version 1.3 will be made available along with Journey to Mor Pankh.

How To Check Server Status & Fix Connection Issues

Players who wish to know if Reverse 1999 is down can always find their way to Reverse 1999’s official X (formerly Twitter) handle and check for any announcements. Just like the above announcement, Reverse 1999 will make it official when a scheduled server downtime takes place. However, if you are still facing issues with server connection issues, you can try restarting the game, restarting your device, or logging into the game client again. 

As of now, there is no official solution to fix the game when its servers are down. However, players can seek help from other players on other social media platforms, like Reddit. Other than that, you can also contact the Reverse: 1999 customer service at

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