Is Hi-Fi Rush Making Its Way to the Nintendo Switch?


Is Hi-Fi Rush Making Its Way to the Nintendo Switch?

Surya Kumar
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The critically acclaimed rhythmic action game HiFi-Rush is speculated to make its way over to the Nintendo Switch handheld.
Despite no concrete evidence, the rumors about a Switch version seem plausible, given Microsoft’s history of porting Xbox / PC exclusive games to the handheld.

Hi-Fi Rush is an innovative rhythm-based action game developed by Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda for PC and Xbox Series consoles. This title quickly gained popularity among the gaming community for its unique gameplay elements and sold over 3 million units by August 2023 (combining purchased copies and Xbox Game Pass subscribers).

While the game is still very much exclusive on the aforementioned platforms, new rumors suggest that this title might be coming to the Nintendo handheld later this year. Let’s jump right in and take a look.

Hi-Fi Rush Might Possibly Make Its Way to the Nintendo Switch in 2024

On 6th January, insider Nate the Hate hinted at the possibility of a critically acclaimed, GOTY-worthy Microsoft exclusive making its way to its competitor’s platforms in 2024. This was also followed by ResetEra user Lolilolailo further claiming that the game might make its way to the Switch. However, he later clarified his statement:

“While there was a Switch (and a PS5) version in development, plans may have changed in terms of platforms. As in dropping the Switch version and keeping the PS5 one.” They also added, “tbh I don't think this changes the whole picture about some specific Xbox/ Bethesda / AKB Games going multiplatform.”

Final Weapon also explored the possibility of the title making its way to the older generation consoles such as Microsoft’s own Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, along with the Nintendo Switch. This information is sourced from an official rating that Hi-Fi Rush received in Australia on 15th December 2022, more than a month before the game was released for Xbox Series X/S and PC.

While these rumors may initially seem like they are a long shot away from coming true, the track record of the aforementioned insiders has been pretty consistent. Moreover, we already know that Microsoft has brought numerous Xbox / PC exclusive titles to both its major competitor’s platforms, with the company signing a 10-year contract with Sony to keep Call of Duty on the PlayStation and also bringing titles such as Cuphead, Minecraft, the Ori series, etc, to the Nintendo Switch.

While it is highly unlikely for Microsoft to bring new Xbox / PC exclusive games to other platforms, porting Hi-Fi Rush could be a lucrative decision, as the game is almost a year old already. Although we know Microsoft is branching out to become a multiplatform service, there has been no official announcement and Tango Gameworks has also not acknowledged any of these rumors, so please take it all with a grain of salt.

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