Insiders Reveal Fortnite and Rocket League Are Getting Another Star Wars Mandalorian Crossover



Insiders Reveal Fortnite and Rocket League Are Getting Another Star Wars Mandalorian Crossover

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Fresh leaks suggest that the iconic Mandalorian, part of the Star Wars universe, will soon collaborate again with Fortnite and the Rocket League.
The crossover is set to bring a brand-new Mandalorian vehicle and other content for Fortnite and Rocket.

There’s no doubt that Epic Games loves the incredible space story Star Wars, with massive crossovers released in the past few years in Fortnite and Rocket League. In 2019, Epic Games released the latest generation of Star Wars Skins in Fortnite, featuring Finn, Rey, and Sith Troopers, which were seen in The Force Awakens. However, it didn’t stop there as Epic Games continued to release more collaborations with Star Wars. New leaks suggest that Epic Games will not miss out on this year’s May 4th celebration of Star Wars Day either, as we’re going to see the return of The Mandalorian to Fortnite and Rocket League.

The Mandalorian Is Coming Back to Fortnite and Rocket League

The iconic Star Wars character seems to be paying another visit to ‘Epic Games Universe.’ According to reliable leaker @SamLeakks, a brand-new Mandalorian vehicle is coming to both Fortnite and Rocket League. However, Rocket League players will experience more than just the presence of the bounty hunter and his vehicle.

The Rocket League x Mandalorian crossover will include a small event as well as a shop bundle with decals. Rocket League’s crossover content is most likely to resemble Mandalorian Mayhem from last February. The crossover brought the G-Force Frenzy time-limited mode, themed challenges, and other Star Wars content to the game. However, which vehicle will get the dedicated skin to the brave bounty hunter in Fortnite and Rocket League is still unknown. Epic Games hasn’t revealed any official information about the upcoming Mandalorian crossover with the Epic Games universe.

When Is the Mandalorian Event Coming to Fortnite and Rocket League?

Leaks claim that the upcoming Mandalorian crossover will be part of another Star Wars event. However, it’s not coming soon. It will take over a month as the Star Wars event is set for 4th May 2024, a day dedicated to celebrating the greatness of the Star Wars franchise. With plenty of new vehicle skins, events, and rewards, the upcoming crossover surely sounds fun. However, taking all this information with a grain of salt is crucial, as Epic Games hasn’t officially confirmed anything. 

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