Indus Battle Royale Announces INR 300,000 Esports Event



Indus Battle Royale Announces INR 300,000 Esports Event

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Upcoming India-based battle royale title Indus is hosting an esports event with a prize pool of INR 300,000.
The game is set to launch later this year and SuperGaming is already exploring the esports viability of the title.

Indus Battle Royale is a mobile game currently in closed beta, developed and published by the Indian company SuperGaming. The game is set to launch later this year and SuperGaming is already exploring the esports viability of the title with a INR 300,000 event dubbed "Indus Unchained".

Indus Unchained Event Overview

There is a total prize pool of INR 300,000 with the winners netting INR 150,000 and the runners-up, third-place, and fourth place getting INR 75,000, INR 30,000, and INR 15,000 respectively. The most valuable player will get INR 30,000.

The Closed Beta version of Indus in use for this esports tournament will include the entirety of Virlok – the game’s map, improved control options, design balances, and enhancements across visuals, and animations. You can check out more details regarding what to expect in this recently released gameplay clip:

How to Get Into The Indus Beta

Sign up on the official Indus Beta key site — to get on the waitlist. Keys are in limited supply. On receiving an Indus Beta key, redeem it on

To celebrate the Indus Beta, players will net one-of-a-kind exclusive cosmetic items to cement their status as being the game’s early supporters. These will not be available at launch.

About Indus

Indus was conceptualized in 2020 and a team was put together with talent across India joining the team. The team has grown and it features around 150 people. An internally playable version of the game was available on 25th November 2021. The game will be free-to-play and the team is yet to decide on how it will be monetized. It is likely that the game will include purchasable cosmetics and/or a battle pass.

The first trailer for the "indo-futuristic" battle royale Indus made its debut on India's Independence Day (15th August) back in 2022 and the game is inching closer to the official launch.

The game will be playable in a first-person perspective (FPP) but a third-person perspective is also being planned for the future. When it comes to the lore of the game, the world of Indus is a mystery featuring floating islands. Indus was home to a race called the Yaksha, which invented jet engines and nuclear power.

The Yaksha used Cosmium to tap into the extra-dimensional energy to fulfill their needs and it became the first interstellar civilization to do so. But the entire race was wiped out from the pages of history. This is when the game takes place as players uncover the secrets of the lost civilization.

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