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Indian Bike Driving 3D Cheat Codes for Monster Truck

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Monster Truck is an extremely popular choice in the game Indian Bike Driving 3D.
There is only one cheat code provided for Monster Truck, which can be customized with a car cheat code.
Players can spawn creative monster truck and car combinations for the game.

Monster Trucks are a common choice for the large number of players of the popular mobile game, Indian Bike Driving 3D. Using cheat codes to unlock vehicles is a common practice in this game, as the developers continuously release a set of cheat codes monthly. 

Made by Rohit Gaming Studio, Indian Bike Driving 3D takes players through tough terrain all over the world. To unlock a monster truck and make it your best friend for the next challenging journey, players can redeem the cheat code and have it in their possession.

Monster Truck Cheat Codes for Indian Bike Driving 3D

In Indian Bike Driving 3D, players can easily summon Monster Trucks by simply prefixing a '0' before entering specific car cheat codes into their phone's call dialer. For example, to summon a Porsche Monster Truck, inputting '- 04000' is all it takes.

This mechanic allows players to personalize their Monster Trucks by experimenting with various car cheat codes, enhancing these formidable vehicles with distinct attributes. To assist players in acquiring powerful Monster Trucks, we've compiled a comprehensive list of all available car cheat codes.

  • Porsche - 4000

  • Scorpio classic -333

  • Scorpio s11 - 444

  • Fortuner - 1000

  • Rolls Royce - 2000

  • Range Rover - 6666

  • Bugatti Chiron - 4444

  • Bugatti v2 - 800

  • Koeigness - 900

  • Audi - 500

  • Lamborghini - 3333

  • Lamborghini v2 - 700

  • Thar - 9090

Monster trucks are extremely powerful, and sometimes they can be difficult to control. Players must drive a monster truck with extreme care so as not to cause a large amount of damage to other vehicles and obstacles, as it can impact their overall performance. 

Here are some tips that players can keep in mind when using a monster truck. 

  1. Never leave the brakes - a monster truck is a heavy vehicle and therefore, can take quite some time to stop. Therefore, players must always be swift in pressing the brakes when using monster trucks. 

  2. Wide turning radius - when players make a turn on a terrain, they must plan it out diligently. A monster truck is big, and has a wide turning radius. To avoid any accidents or damage, be very cautious while making a turn. 

  3. Do not use monster trucks for jumping - jumping a monster truck can be disastrous. Its heavy set is not suitable for the moon gravity performances, as it will only lead to crashes and more damage. 

Indian Bike Driving 3D is a GTA-style, bike riding game that takes place in the most beautiful corners of the world. The game is designed to introduce heavy and rough terrain where the player’s driving skills are put to test. This is an Indian game made by Rohit Gaming Studio and can be played on Android and iOS devices. 

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