How Transfers Work in Football Manager 2024

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If you want to master the transfer market in Football Manager 2024, our guide has you covered with in-depth explanations for all of the gameplay systems.
To be efficient with your in-game money, you need to drive a hard bargain and get the most out of your players.

Transfers in Football Manager 2024, are a crucial aspect of building and managing your team. You can earn in-game money by making the right transfers, which will allow you to power-up your squad. We have prepared a step-by-step guide for you to master the transfer system in Football Manager 2024.

Step-by-Step Guide to Master the Transfer Market in Football Manager 2024

Step 1 - Scouting and Player Search:

Begin by identifying the positions and skill sets your team needs. You can do this through your scouts and staff recommendations.

Access the "Player Search" feature to find potential signings. Here, you can filter players based on various criteria like position, attributes, age, and more.

Step 2 - Scouting Reports:

  • Scouts provide reports on potential transfer targets. These reports include information about the player's abilities, potential, and current team.

  • Carefully review these reports to determine if a player is a good fit for your team.

Step 3 - Making an Offer:

  • Once you've identified a player you want to sign, you can make an offer. Go to the player's profile and select "Make Offer."

  • Choose the type of offer (transfer, loan, or free transfer) and the transfer fee or loan conditions.

  • Negotiate other terms, such as the player's wage and contract length.

Step 4 - Contract Negotiations:

If the player accepts your offer, you'll enter contract negotiations.

Negotiate wages, bonuses, and other contract clauses like release clauses, buyout clauses, and sell-on percentages. Pay attention to the player's demands and your budget constraints.

  1. Medical Examination:

    • After contract negotiations, the player will undergo a medical examination to assess their fitness.

    • If the player passes the medical, you can proceed with the transfer.

  2. Work Permit (if applicable):

    • In some leagues and countries, non-EU players may require a work permit to play. Check the requirements in your game and make sure the player qualifies.

  3. Registration:

    • Ensure the player is registered with your club. This usually involves selecting the player in your squad list or submitting required paperwork depending on the league rules.

  4. Confirmation:

    • Once the paperwork is completed and the transfer window is open, the transfer will be confirmed, and the player will officially join your team.

Mastering Loan Deals 

You can also sign players on loan. The process is similar to permanent transfers, but you specify the loan duration, percentage of wages to be paid, and potential future fees.

Sell or Release Players

  • To make room for new signings or generate funds, you can sell or release players from your squad. Use the same negotiation and transfer processes for outgoing players.

  • Youth Signings:

  • In addition to first-team signings, you can also bring in youth players. Scouts can help you identify promising talents to sign for your youth academy.

  • Loan Out Young Players:

  • Loaning out young players to lower league or affiliate clubs can help them gain experience and develop their skills.

Transfers in Football Manager are a dynamic aspect of the game, and success depends on your ability to identify the right players, negotiate effectively, and manage your budget wisely. Keep an eye on your team's needs and the transfer market, and be prepared to adapt your strategy based on the ever-changing football landscape.

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