How to Use the Adamantite Forge in Baldur’s Gate 3


How to Use the Adamantite Forge in Baldur’s Gate 3

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The Adamantite forge in Baldur’s Gate 3 allows players to access extremely powerful weapons, provided they meet the requirements to forge them.
Equipping your party with Misty steps will make the process a whole lot easier.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has many ways to create unique weapons and armor to build and strengthen your character’s stats. One such method is to use the Adamantite forge which is an ancient forge used to create exceptionally powerful weapons and armor. This quest can be triggered by interacting with the Duergars in Grymforge who are also looking for the forge. Certain requirements are needed to craft items using the Adamantite forge and there is also a boss that you need to fight against. Let’s go through the steps required to complete this quest and to forge unique items.

How to Get to the Adamantite Forge

The Adamantite forge is located around Grymforge in the Underdark. You will find the Duergars trying to clear a cave-in using deep Rothe. They will reveal that there is a secret Adamantite forge behind the rubble. Once you assist them in clearing the cave-in, you will find a pathway that leads to the Grymforge teleport waypoint. However, there is another way to get there by making sure your party is equipped with misty steps to make the process easier. 

In order to craft items using the Adamantite forge you will require a Steel Mould and Mithral Ore. On the left side of the cave-in, you will spot a large gear lying on the ground. you will need to use misty steps and teleport to the area to acquire the Splint mould near the large gear. You can teleport your way through and find the Grymforge teleport waypoint. Once your party makes it through the waypoint you will simply need to walk and jump past the stairs leading you to the forge. Furthermore, you will notice a path to the left leading to a rock that contains the Mithral Ore.How to Defeat Grym and Use the Adamantite Forge


How to Defeat Grym and Use the Adamantite Forge

Once you have the Splint Mould and the Mithral Ore, you must place them into the chamber and the crucible. You will find a lever to the right of the chamber, which upon activating will take you down to the lava. Here, you will need to use the wheel on the opposite side of the lever to release the lava. Doing so will awaken Grym, who is the protector of the Adamantite forge.


In order to effectively defeat the boss, you must use the lava and the hammer of the forge to deal bludgeoning damage as Grym is ineffective to other types of damage. The key is to use the lava to superheat it. You can do so by placing one of your characters near the lava wheel and the lever and using your other characters as bait. Use misty steps and teleport to the mould, which will lure it toward the forge. After that, skip your turns and use the lever to hit Grym dealing massive damage. It will take a few hits to defeat it.

Once you have defeated Grym, you can reap your reward from the Adamantite forge. Note that there are also different moulds such as a Mace and scale armor in the direct vicinity of the waypoint.

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