How to Use Stealth in Starfield

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How to Use Stealth in Starfield


Stealth is one of the core playstyles that you can use in Starfield and here’s how you can unlock and use it.
If you are looking to make a Thief build, we strongly recommend using some of your Skill Points in Stealh as well.

Stealth is accessible very early in Starfield if you want to create a build that focuses on getting past enemies without raising suspicions. Whether you want to create a Thief build or simply want to avoid combat as much as possible, the game allows you to play any way you want. Our guide will help you unlock stealth and the various status effects associated with it.

How to unlock and use stealth in Starfield

To unlock the stealth mechanic in Starfield, you need to allocate your Skill Points wisely. You can do this as soon as you obtain your first Skill Point, but there's a catch. If you aim to incorporate stealth into your playstyle from the beginning, selecting the Cyber Runner or Ronin background is essential. These backgrounds grant immediate access to the Stealth Skill Tree, but keep in mind that you won't possess any stealth abilities until you invest a Skill Point into it.

The stealth mechanics in Starfield are user-friendly, making it easy to gauge your visibility to enemies. Here's how it works:

Hidden: When you break line of sight and successfully hide from an enemy, a meter labeled "HIDDEN" will appear, indicating your concealed status.

Seen: If enemies spot you, the "HIDDEN" text on the meter will change to "SEEN," signaling that you've been detected.

Danger: Engaging in combat with enemies shifts the meter to "DANGER," and you'll have to confront them directly.

There exists a middle ground between the "HIDDEN" and "SEEN" statuses on your stealth bar. You can break the enemy's line of sight to revert to the "HIDDEN" status. As you allocate more Skill Points to your Stealth Skill Tree, you'll enhance your sneaking capabilities, allowing for faster and more effective stealth maneuvers.

Stealth builds in Starfield are not solely about remaining undetected; they can also deal significant damage. Certain items and character builds exponentially boost your damage output when you maintain the "HIDDEN" status. This can be a game-changer, enabling you to eliminate formidable foes with a single shot at the start of a battle. If you're pursuing a stealth-oriented playthrough, consider using Reconstim, an item that dampens the sound of your movement, further enhancing your stealth capabilities.

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