How to Update Minecraft Bedrock Edition to 1.20.10 across all platforms

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>How to Update Minecraft Bedrock Edition to 1.20.10 across all platforms</p></div>
How to Update Minecraft Bedrock Edition to 1.20.10 across all platforms


The new 1.20.10 update has been the talk of the town in the Minecraft world which brings a host of changes including a new experimental crawl mechanic.
This article focuses on how to update your current version of the game to the newest 1.20.10 patch across all platforms.

The Bedrock version of Minecraft recently received a new update from Microsoft in an attempt to bring it on par with its Java Edition. It is said to be the biggest update Minecraft has received over the last few years. Minecraft is already considered to be a feature-rich sandbox game and this update adds a host of new features and changes, which has made some die-hard fans very thrilled about the game. Although the update process to the new Bedrock 1.20.10 is fairly straightforward, there have been reports of players not being able to update to the newest version. If you fall in this category this article will guide you through the update process.

How to Update Minecraft Bedrock to 1.20.10

For the most part, as long as your preferred choice of device has Minecraft installed on it and you have a stable internet connection, you should already be running on the newer Bedrock 1.20.10 version of the game. However, if you ran into any issues, here’s how you can manually update the game across several devices like PC, Xbox, PlayStation, iOS, Android, and also on the Nintendo Switch.


By default, Windows users will have a Microsoft Store app installed on their device. All you have to do is open the Windows Store app and click on Library which is located in the bottom left side of your screen. You will then see a get updates option on the top right corner of your screen. Upon clicking it, you will see a list of all the games and applications that requires an update. Simply let it download and you will have your newest Bedrock 1.20.10 version of Minecraft ready to go.


Navigate to the My Apps and Games section on your Xbox and select Minecraft. Upon doing you will notice that there is also a More Options tab beside it. Select this and you will see an option for Updates. You will now see your Xbox downloading the newest version of the games and apps present on your device. If Minecraft happens to be one among them, you will now have access to its newest Bedrock 1.20.10 version.


Upon selecting Minecraft from your dashboard and press on the Options button. You will now see an option called Check for Updates. Selecting it should add the new update to your download queue, if any.

Nintendo Switch

Open Nintendo eShop from your Switch dashboard. Simply search for Minecraft in the search bar which will lead you to the store page of the game from which you can download or update to the newest Bedrock 1.20.10 version.

iOS and Android

This is probably the easiest and most intuitive update process. All you have to do is navigate to the Google Play Store on Android or the App Store on iOS and search for Minecraft. Tap on the update option and you are good to go.

If none of these options fixed your issue, then you might want to try contacting Minecraft Help.

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