How To Trade Tokens in Clash Royale?


How To Trade Tokens in Clash Royale?

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A trade token in Clash Royale is a valuable in-game item, enabling players to exchange their cards with clanmates and trader.
The number of cards a player can trade using a trade token depends on its rarity.
Here is how you can trade tokens in Clash Royale.

In Clash Royale, a trade token is a revered in-game item that allows players to exchange cards with their clanmates or the trader. These tokens are available in varying degrees of rarity, including Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary, each corresponding to specific types of cards.

The primary purpose of trade tokens is to make trading of surplus cards among players easier. This allows them to obtain cards they need in exchange for cards they might have in abundance.

In this article, we'll guide you through the process of trading cards with your trader or clanmate in Clash Royale.

What are Trade Tokens?

Trade tokens are a beacon of hope for players who are aiming to max out their favorite cards. They act bridge the gap between having too many cards and not enough of others. And when this is the case, they can initiate a card exchange with their clan members. To do so, just seek their surplus cards for the ones you want.

Conversion of Trade Tokens to Cards

The number of cards a player can trade using a trade token depends on its rarity.

  • Legendary Token: 1 Legendary card

  • Epic Token: 10 Epic cards

  • Rare Token: 50 Rare cards

  • Common Token: 250 Common cards

How to Trade Tokens in Clash Royale?

To check your Trade Tokens or start a trade in the Clan tab, simply tap the 'Request Card' or 'Trade Cards' button, and head to the 'Trade' tab.

Once you reach there, pick the card you want and choose up to four cards you're willing to trade. After tapping 'Confirm,' your trade offer will appear in the Clan chat. Any clanmate with a token of the matching rarity can accept the trade.

The trade will remain open for 36 hours. If no responds to your trade initiation, the tokens will return to you, and you can try it again.

Where Can I Find Trade Tokens in Clash Royale?

You can find trade tokens in the following ways:

  • Shop - The game regularly brings in attractive deals as part of in-app purchase offers. Here, you will occasionally see Trade Tokens.

  • Trophy Road - Once you complete a milestone of reaching a certain number of trophies, you can obtain some Trade Tokens from the Trophy Road.

  • Special Events/Challenges/Global Tournaments - Supercell regularly introduces special events and global tournaments. Participating in such events can definitely help you get trade tokens as rewards.

  • Pass Royale - In Pass Royale, reaching certain Tiers earns you Trade Tokens. You get one Token for each rarity.

Tokens that have been bought through in-app purchases can exceed the maximum limit of 10. In other cases, players can own a maximum of ten tokens. Lastly, players can only trade cards that they have unlocked.

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