How to Speed Up Your Progression in Reverse: 1999


How to Speed Up Your Progression in Reverse: 1999

Abhimannu Das
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Here are some tips and tricks to help you speed up your progression in Reverse: 1999.
It is important to unlock the Scarcity Reality, Pneuma Analysis and Artificial Somnambulism activities to speed up your progression.

Reverse: 1999 is a 20th Century Time-Travel Strategic RPG developed by Bluepoch. It was released in Mainland China on 31st May 2023, and globally on 26th October 2023. The game is available on iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows. In the game, players take on the role of the Timekeeper, an observer of eras tasked with saving the world from the mysterious "Storm." On the last day of 1999, the Storm fell upon the world, reversing the flow of time and plunging humanity into chaos.

There is a lot of emphasis on combat and if you want to experience what Reverse: 1999 has to offer and breeze through all content, here are some tips to help you progress faster.

Boost Your Progression in Reverse: 1999 in Three Easy Steps

Here are some tips on how to progress faster in Reverse: 1999:

Step 1- Focus on Daily Activities:

  • Daily Login: Log in every day to receive free rewards, including stamina and premium currency.

  • Stamina Management: Use all your stamina every day to clear stages, farm resources, and participate in events.

  • Pneuma Analysis: Complete Pneuma Analysis stages twice a day to obtain essential gear enhancement materials.

  • Scarcity Reality: Manage your resources carefully and plan your spending wisely. Utilize side-events to gain additional resources.

  • Artificial Somnambulism: Unlock Artificial Somnambulism in Chapter 3 to gain access to Sharpodonty, Clear Drops for gacha pulls, and Oneiric Shop currency.

Step 2 - Build a Strong Team:

  • Focus on a Few Units: Instead of spreading resources thin, concentrate on raising 4 to 6 units effectively.

  • Diverse Team Composition: Ensure your team covers different elements and roles, including a Damage Dealer, Support, and Tank.

  • Synergy and Roles: Consider unit synergy and roles when composing your team. Prioritize units that complement each other's strengths.

  • Character Placement: Position characters strategically in the team formation screen. Characters on the left have a higher chance of being obtained from skill card merges.

Step 3 - Utilize Game Mechanics Effectively

  • Afflatus of Characters: Choose characters with high Afflatus levels, as they provide significant stat boosts.

  • Tuning Skills: Use tuning skills at the right time to maximize their impact and turn the tide of battle.

  • Skill Card Merging: Strategically merge skill cards to enhance their effects and gain access to powerful skills.

  • Healers and Buffers: Include healers and buffers in your team to ensure survivability and enhance damage output.

  • Gacha and Rerolling: Utilize gacha pulls strategically to acquire new units, but consider rerolling if you're not satisfied with your initial pulls.

Remember, consistent effort and strategic planning will help you progress faster in Reverse: 1999. Enjoy the game and have fun building your team!

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