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How To Send Stars in Monopoly Go

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Stars in Monopoly Go are valuable resources that can be used to unlock a variety of rewards to electrify your journey in Monopoly Go.
Here's is a comprehensive, step-by-step process to send stars to your friends.

Monopoly Go is a thrilling game that becomes even more enjoyable when played with friends. One intriguing feature that enhances the gaming experience involves sending duplicate stickers to your friends. It is also the primary method to send stars in Monopoly Go. Stars are acquired by opening sticker packs containing duplicates. Importantly, Stars hold significant value within the game.

In this guide, we'll delve into the process of sending stars, exploring why it's beneficial and how to maximize its potential.

Why Are Stars Important in Monopoly Go?

Stars serve as valuable resources in Monopoly Go and are obtained by collecting stickers with star values. These stars can be used to craft stickers you aim to unlock. By visiting the Sticker Album menu and using the safe icon, players can exchange stars for sticker packs. The cost is 100 stars per pack, making it a tactical decision to save stars for higher rarity sticker packs as you progress in the game.

To enhance your star collection, you need to collaborate with friends to send each other stars. This collaborative effort ensures a steady influx of stars, contributing to a more rewarding gaming experience.

How to Send Stars to Friends in Monopoly Go

To send stars to your friends, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Album at the bottom right corner of the main screen.

  2. Locate a sticker in your collection that you possess in multiples.

  3. Click the "Send To Friend" button associated with the chosen sticker.

  4. Choose the friend to whom you want to send the sticker.

Keep in mind that you can only send a maximum of five stickers daily. To maximize the impact, prioritize sending stickers with the highest star rating, visible at the top of the card.

Uses of Monopoly Go Stars

Stars open up a lot of possibilities in Monopoly Go. You can access the Safe icon at the bottom right corner of the sticker screen to purchase various rewards. The rewards include rolls, sticker packs, and even new stickers, each escalating in value as you progress through different safes.

  1. Safe 1: Offers 15–29 rolls, along with four sticker packs containing a three-star sticker.

  2. Safe 2: Provides 80–170 rolls, six sticker packs with a four-star sticker, and four packs with a Gold two-star sticker.

  3. Safe 3: Boasts 320–525 rolls, six sticker packs featuring a five-star sticker, four packs with a Gold three-star sticker, and six packs with a new sticker.

To efficiently send stars, coordinate with your friends about the stickers each of you possesses. This ensures that the stickers sent are duplicates, converting into stars upon receipt. By repeating this process up to five times daily, you and your friend can quickly accumulate stars for sticker pack purchases.

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