How to Romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield?

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>How to romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield?</p></div>
How to romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield?


Starfield features a range of diverse characters and one of them is Sarah Morgan, one of the first characters that players will come across in the game.
Romancing her requires effort, as players will have to make choices that please her.
After players finally establish a relationship with her, they can go on to marry her in-game.

Starfield, the latest Bethesda RPG, features an array of colorful characters. There is 100+ hours worth of content that allows players to fulfill missions and quests while also interacting with the said characters. As they venture into this cosmic journey, many are also looking for love, particularly from the Constellation leader, Sarah Morgan. 

She is one of the companions that players will come across early in the game. Every choice that players make will either break or make their relationship with her. Here is a guide to help players romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield. 

Approaching Sarah Morgan

Before players make Morgan fall head over heels for themselves, they need to find the right way to approach her. Understanding her backstory and her likes and dislikes is crucial to establishing a relationship with her. To do so, players can invite her to join their crew. Sarah will drop her position as the Constellation leader to be a part of the upcoming adventures. After completing the ‘The Old Neighborhood’ quest, players will collect an old relic from Cedonia.

Now that players will be moving on in the game with Sarah, they need to make the right moves by asking her personal questions, flirting with her, and getting acquainted with her past. Selecting her as a companion will unlock an array of choices, as well as the ‘In Memoriam’ quest. Upon completion, the game will shed light on Sarah’s past as a United Colonies pilot. 

Flirting With Her and the Initial Spark

Now that players are aware of her past, options to flirt with her will start appearing in the dialogue box. Choosing dialogues that she approves of will definitely ignite the spark in the relationship, establishing her affinity for the players. Keeping her likes and dislikes in consideration is extremely important when making a choice. 

She is deeply intrigued by the cosmic world and enjoys researching alien life. Making choices that please her and garner her approval will keep your friendship alive. And while you both are getting close, later this friendship will turn into romance. 

Romancing Sarah Morgan and Proposing to Her

Her life in the UC Navy was tragic, as she was the only survivor in the deadly crash. She will invite players to accompany her to pay respect to her deceased friends. After this, she’ll want to meet you in New Atlantis, where the option to be friends or to ‘Romance’ her will appear. Selecting Romance will make Sarah Morgan your official in-game girlfriend. 

This girlfriend status will linger for a while until she expresses that she wants to meet the player’s mother. This will take the relationship to the next level. Next, choose the ‘Commitment’ option to propose to Sarah. 

And there you have it - the ultimate guide to get those wedding bells ringing!

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