How to Register and Sell Stolen Ships in Starfield?

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How to Register and Sell Stolen Ships in Starfield?


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Starfield requires players to register their ships if they wish to do more with them other than wander aimlessly through its vast universe.
You can register stolen ships by paying a certain amount of fees and you can sell them right after this simple process.

Starfield provides a dynamic RPG experience by allowing players to take different approaches to situations. Similar to Bethesda's previous games, your choices have an active impact on the storyline. However, if you do wish to be a cunning space pirate, Starfield is gracious enough to permit that. Choosing to be a pirate means you can join the infamous Crimson Fleet, steal ships, smuggle contraband, and engage in various other criminal activities. To get you started, here’s how you can get authorized to steal ships in Starfield.

Stealing Ships in Starfield

There are numerous ways you can go through the process of stealing a ship. You can easily use a Digipick to unlock and drop into the hatch of the vessel, provided you meet the required skill level. 

If there are no crew members inside the ship you can simply take off. However, if you do find them you must deal with them before you are allowed to pilot it. If you choose to do it the pirate way, you can eliminate them all.

You can also take over a ship by engaging in combat. Make sure to use a targeted lock-on so that you don’t blow up its engine. Once you are aboard, make your way to the pilot’s deck and fly away into the cosmos.

Keep in mind that there might be instances where the ships might be in higher ranks such as B or C. You must meet its rank requirements in order to pilot them. This can be found under the Tech category in the game’s skill trees.

Getting Registered and Selling Your Ship

If you wish to do anything more than explore the galaxy with your ship, you have to go through the process of registering them. This is quite an easy process, although you might have to shell out a bit of cash to do so.

Visit a Ship Service Technician found in any of Starfield’s major settlements or spaceports. Once you get past the interaction with them, bring up the available ships to buy and sell menu, where you will see the option to register the vessel. Once you’ve confirmed the payment you can now proceed with selling your stolen ship.

It is important to note that registering the ship does take up a considerable amount of credits but you will possibly end up making a profit if you go about the pirate’s way of looting the ship’s wares and the captain’s locker before selling it.

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