How to Quickly Increase Retinue in Manor Lords?


How to Quickly Increase Retinue in Manor Lords?

Surya Kumar
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Retinues are essentially your personal guards who are one step above the militia in terms of their combat prowess.
Building a Manor and a Garrison Tower is the first step towards strengthening and increasing your Retinue.

Despite being an immersive city-builder Manor Lords also introduces an intricate combat system within games in its genre. Besides the Militia, which will probably be made up of your own villages, the game also showcases Retinues, personnel who are highly trained in combat and are hired to do exactly that.

Whether it be waging war against your foes or defending against oncoming enemy attacks, Retinues are guaranteed to hold their ground, relatively stronger than the Military. However, they demand additional resources and time, which might be an issue for some players. Regardless, here’s how you can increase the size of your Retinue in Manor Lords.

Increasing Retinue in Manor Lords

As you might’ve guessed, building a powerful Retinue is necessary, as these trained fighters will grant you an upper edge in various combat situations. From attacking and waging wars with enemies to defending your region against foes, Retinues are versatile and can significantly add value to your militia. 

Before you can expand your personal fighters, you first need to build a Manor within your village. All it takes is reaching the Small Village level and creating the Manor from the Construction menu within the Administration tab. Thankfully, reaching this level is relatively easy, as you simply have to construct different buildings and grow your population.

Building a Manor requires x5 Timbers, x20 Planks, and x15 Stones and once you’ve gathered these resources and created it, you will automatically receive your first small Retinue. Additionally, you also have the option to increase your Retinue size by 12 by building a Garrison Tower. Keep in mind that you can only build one of these towers per region.

Adding Soldiers to Retinue in Manor Lords

Besides recruiting infantry to your Retinue, you are also presented with various customization options. Pressing V and entering the Army tab within the Retinue options will reveal various choices like changing the name, armor color, and even weapons and gear that your soldiers will use in every subsequent battle.

Retinue options

Additionally, you have the option to add more soldiers to your Retinue by paying from the Treasury, where 50 Gold will get you a single soldier. Those are pretty much all the ways to quickly strengthen your Retinue in Manor Lords. Considering that the game is still in early access, many are expecting that a later feature will allow you to promote one of your citizens and assign them to the Retinue.

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