How to Make Eternity In Infinite Craft


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How to Make Eternity In Infinite Craft

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Infinite Craft is a sandbox browser game where players can craft anything from concrete objects to abstract ideas.
One abstract concept that's taking the rounds around the Infinite Craft community is Eternity.
Here is how to craft eternity in Infinite Craft.

Infinite Craft is a sandbox browser game based on crafting literally anything. There are four elements and infinite objects to craft. Using earth, fire, wind and water, you can create anything you like. From destructive atom bombs to abstract concepts, find your combination and create it.

One creation that has been making the rounds in the Infinite Craft player base is Eternity. What is eternity? The vastness of time. The forever. So, if you want to learn how bring this abstract concept to fruition in Infinite Craft, this article is for you.

What is Eternity in Infinite Craft?

Many might wonder what eternity is, in the game. Worry not, it is not a potion to make you live forever. In Infinite Craft, you can create anything and eternity is the concept of timelessness. So, you will be crafting the concept of eternity in the game.

But players should keep in mind that creating eternity is not an easy endeavor. It will require them to be patient as they navigate through the four elements, creating different combinations.

How to Make Eternity In Infinite Craft

First things first, players need to craft Europe. This involves combining different elements to form the continent. The steps to craft Europe involve a blend of the following basic elements:

  • Water + Water = Lake

  • Earth + Earth = Mountain

  • Lake + Mountain = Fjord

  • Lake + Water = Ocean

  • Ocean + Earth = Island

  • Island + Island = Continent

  • Fjord + Continent = Europe

After Europe, players have to craft Time. Here is how:

This requires a bit more complexity but follows a logical progression. Here is how to create Time:

  • Earth + Wind = Dust

  • Earth + Dust = Planet

  • Planet + Planet = Star

  • Star + Star = Galaxy

  • Galaxy + Galaxy = Black Hole

  • Black Hole + Black Hole = Wormhole

  • Black Hole + Wormhole = Time Travel

  • Black Hole + Time Travel = Time Paradox

  • Galaxy + Black Hole = Universe

  • Universe + Universe = Multiverse

  • Multiverse + Time Travel = Paradox

  • Paradox + Time Paradox = Time

Creating Eternity: Combining Europe and Time

Create eternity by combining both Europe and Time

Screenshot by AFK Gaming

After creating both Europe and Time, it is time to create Eternity. To do so, players need to combine both. Go beyond the spatial and temporal dimensions, and witness Eternity emerging and bringing endless opportunities for you.

With Eternity at hand, players can explore new realms. They can travel through time, or even create their own universe. Creating eternity opens a door of boundless opportunities for you. Get ready to experience a whole new world by combining eternity with other creations.

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