How to Get Surfing Pikachu in Pokémon Stadium?


How to Get Surfing Pikachu in Pokémon Stadium?

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The Nintendo Switch Online Library continues to expand, with Pokémon Stadium now included in its classic catalog.
However, players are left wondering how to unlock Surfing Pikachu in the iconic game's switch port. Here's everything you need to know.

Pokémon Stadium has finally joined Nintendo’s growing list of Nintendo 64 classics you can play on Switch. Originally released in 2001, Pokémon Stadium is a battle-focused Pokémon that brings back the original 151 pocket monsters.

With the game out, fans are left wondering how to get surfing Pikachu in Pokémon Stadium. We’ve prepared a guide for you on how to get this iconic pocket monster in Pokémon Stadium.

Pokémon Stadium: What is Surfing Pokémon? 

If you’ve played the original Gameboy games, you probably know about surfing Pokémon. The Surfing Pikachu is an iconic pocket monster from the Yellow Version, where it’s seen riding a wave in the opening animation, despite the fact that it can’t learn the powerful HM move naturally. Surfing Pikachu can still be found in games to this day, with a rare and valuable trading card also emerging in the late 90s. It’s simply a Pikachu that knows how to surf!

Surfing Pikachu 

Pokémon Stadium: How to Get Surfing Pikachu?

Unlocking Surfing Pikachu in the original game was quite complicated; players had to go through various challenges in order to get the Pokémon -  

  1. Finish the Prime Cup MasterBall Division in Round 2

  2. For one of the three Pokémon chosen for battle, include Pikachu.

  3. Pikachu that’s part of Rental or Registered teams can’t learn Surf; it must come from Pokémon Green, Blue, Red, or Yellow Gameboy versions.

Unfortunately, you can’t do the same on the Switch Online Version as Nintendo has not included the feature to transfer Pokémon. The original game has the Transfer Pack, which allows you to transfer a Pikachu from a Red, Yellow, Green, or Blue GameBoy game directly into Pokémon Stadium. We still don’t have this feature on Switch, and it doesn’t seem like Nintendo plans to release it soon.

The more likely thing to happen is that once red, yellow, and blue versions of Pokémon are released for the Switch, Pokémon Stadium could use the console save data to recognize if a Pikachu exists on one of those games and allow you to transfer it. Until then, there’s no way to get Surfing Pikachu in Pokémon Stadium on Nintendo Switch.

But don’t be disappointed; be sure to check back with us as we’ll update you on any new information that drops on how you can get Surfing Pikachu in the game.

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