How to Get Star Points in Clash Royale


How to Get Star Points in Clash Royale

Aditi Joshi
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Star points in Clash Royale make your cards shiny, giving them a golden glow on the battlefield.
Here is how you can upgrade your star points in Clash Royale to give your cards a golden blitz and a shiny appearance.

While the focus in Clash Royale is to conquer enemies and climb the leaderboard, sometimes players also focus on the appearance of their cards. To do this, they use an in-game currency called Star Points. Star points in Clash Royale make your cards shiny, giving them a golden glow on the battlefield. They may not make you stronger, but they make your cards look cooler.

If you also want to transform the appearance of your cards, then this article is for you. Here is how to get Star Points in Clash Royale.

How To Get Star Points in Clash Royale?

Getting star points is easy if you know where to look. Here is how you can get Star Points in Clash Royale:

  1. Convert XP: Simply tap on the XP bar on the top left corner of the home screen. Your experience will now turn into star points. Now, everything you do, like donating cards or upgrading them, earns you star points instead of XP.

  2. Shop and Trade Tokens: If any of your cards have maxed out, don't worry. Buy cards from the shop or trade tokens for the ones you have maxed, and the extra cards turn into star points automatically.

  3. Challenges and Chests: Keep an eye on challenges for rewards that include cards you have maxed out. Also, chests can give out star points if they give you max-level cards. The rarer the card, the more star points you get.

Upgrading Your Star Levels

Once you've got enough star points, it's time to level up your cards:

  1. Head to the Cards tab and open Clash Royale. Then, go to the Cards tab where your collection is.

  2. Look for a green box next to a card—it means you can upgrade its star level. The box shows how many star points you need.

  3. Click on the green button and confirm the upgrade. Your card gets a shiny new look.

In Clash Royale, upgrading your card's star level has a set cost. Each level-up requires a specific amount of star points and your card must be at a certain level. The star points required to update cards are as follows:

  1. Star Level 1: 5,000 star points (Card Level 7)

  2. Star Level 2: 10,000 star points (Card Level 10)

  3. Star Level 3: 20,000 star points (Card Level 13)

With each star level, your cards get cooler cosmetic features. Just remember, looking good won't win you games, but it sure makes them more fun!

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