How to Get Kleavor in Pokemon Go


How to Get Kleavor in Pokemon Go?

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Kleavor is a bug and rock type Pokemon hailing from the Scyther family.
Unlike Scyther which evolves into Scizor, Kleavor is an independent Pokemon that does not have any evolutions.
Here is everything you need to know about catching Kleavor and its shiny variant in Pokemon Go.

Kleavor is a bug and rock type Pokemon in Pokemon Go. It is one of those Pokemon that does not evolve into any other, but hails from the Scyther family. Kleavor made its entry into the Pokemon world with the Kleavor Raid Day that took place on 6th May 2023.

Since then, many have been wondering how to add this rare creature to their collection. While it's a difficult journey to embark on, it is certainly not impossible. In this article, we'll share everything you need to know about catching Kleavor as well as information regarding its shiny variant.

How to Get Kleavor in Pokemon Go?

Well, it is a piece of sad news for all Kleavor fans out there. The opportunity to catch this unique Pokemon only came with its debut in Pokemon Go. All players had to do was defeat it in a 3-star raid event and they would acquire it. However, that event has since disappeared and is unlikely to occur again.

Many players believe that catching Scyther would be of some help. Unfortunately, that is not true. Scyther will further evolve into Scizor and Mega Scizor but won't transform into Kleavor. The only way players can even catch Kleavor is if Niantic decides to add it back into the game.

Can Scyther Become Kleavor?

As mentioned above, catching Scyther will not magically turn into Kleavor. Despite both Pokemon hailing from the same family, they don't fit the similar order of evolution. Therefore, all players can do is wait for Niantic to take some action in this regard to bring back Kleavor.

Scyther is a bug and flying type Pokemon. It was introduced in Pokemon Go much before Kleavor, in 2016.

Can Kleavor be Shiny?

Yes, there is a shiny variant of Kleavor available in Pokemon Go. But finding it is a struggle of its own kind. This variant is super rare because Kleavor isn't around much. Unless Niantic decides to let Kleavor roam wild, it is impossible to catch a shiny version of Kleavor.

A shiny version of this bug and rock type Pokemon looks pretty similar to the regular one. It continues to retain that familiar green color like Scyther while its blades and rocky parts stay brown, just like a normal Kleavor.

This is everything we know about catching Kleavor so far. For now, it does not seem like it is coming back. But Kleavor fans shouldn't lose hope. It could be possible that Niantic might make the effort to bring back this Pokemon into the game.

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