How to Get and Use Powers in Starfield

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Starfield Powers are akin to magical spells, obtained by discovering artifacts hidden within mysterious temples scattered across the universe.
Starfield boasts an impressive lineup of 24 unique powers, each with its own distinctive abilities and associated artifacts.
In this guide, we will delve into the world of Starfield's magical powers, how to unlock them, and how to harness their potential to conquer the cosmos.

In the vast universe of Bethesda's Starfield, you are not just an explorer but a wielder of extraordinary powers. As you journey through this cosmic landscape, you'll encounter various magical abilities that can help you in combat, exploration, and more. In this guide, we'll explore the intricate process of unlocking and utilizing these incredible abilities.

Unlocking and Equipping Powers in Starfield

Your journey to harness these cosmic powers begins with the main quest "Into the Unknown." Before delving into the details of each power, it's crucial to understand how to unlock and equip them.

  1. Start with "Into the Unknown": To unlock your first power, you must progress through the main questline until you reach "Into the Unknown." This quest comes after completing "The Old Neighborhood."

  2. Exploring Anomalies: During "Into the Unknown," you'll explore a Scanner Anomaly site on a planet. Follow the distortions on your scanner until you locate an ancient temple, known as Temple Eta.

  3. Activate the Portal: Inside the temple, you'll encounter a set of rotating rings and patches of glowing lights. Collect these lights by floating through them, which will ultimately activate a portal, granting you your first power, the "Anti-Gravity Field."

Once you've unlocked your first power, it's time to equip and use it effectively:

  1. Access the Power Menu: Open the Powers menu from the main menu by selecting the option above your character's head.

  2. Select a Power: Choose the power you want to use from the menu. Powers can also be added to the Quickslot menu for quick access during combat.

  3. Mana Management: Casting a power depletes your mana, represented by a bar below your health. Keep an eye on this bar as it regenerates over time.

Discovering More Temples and Powers

To unlock additional Powers, you'll need to embark on the "Power From Beyond" quest series. You can find new temples in various ways:

  1. Explore new star systems, where you might be notified of a temple's presence.

  2. Consult Vladimir Sall aboard The Eye, as he may provide information about temple locations, which will appear in your quest log.

A List of Starfield Powers

Starfield offers a wealth of Powers, each with its own unique capabilities. As you progress in the game, you'll unlock these Powers, granting you access to a broader array of abilities. These Powers include:

  • Particle Beam

  • Personal Atmosphere

  • Phased Time

  • Precognition

  • Reactive Shield

  • Sense Star Stuff

  • Solar Flare

  • Sunless Space

  • Supernova

  • Void Form

  • Eternal Harvest

  • Grav Dash

  • Gravity Wave

  • Gravity Well

  • Life Forced

  • Parallel Self

  • Anti-Gravity Field

  • Creators' Peace

  • Elemental Pull

  • Alien Reanimation

  • Moon Form

  • Earthbound

  • Inner Demon

  • Create Vacuum

New Game Plus and Enhanced Powers

In New Game Plus, you have the opportunity to skip the main quest and unlock different temple locations, allowing you to acquire upgraded versions of Powers with enhanced effects or damage. The availability of these upgraded variants during the main campaign is uncertain.

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