How to Fix Starfield PS5 Audio Issues

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How to Fix Starfield PS5 Audio Issues


If you're experiencing audio issues on Starfield's PS5 port, here's how you can fix them for a smooth experience.

Bethesda’s latest title, Starfield, has finally launched, and the epic journeys throughout the cosmos await. However, as with Bethesda games, there are multiple game bugs and issues. Many PS5 players have reported that they’re running into terrible audio problems, ruining their game experience.

You’re not alone if you’re facing audio issues such as random pauses, out-of-sync signals during flights or skips. We’ve prepared a guide to solve all your audio problems to help you explore the immersive world of Starfield without issues.

Ways To Fix Starfield PS5 Audio Issues

Fix 1: Disable Your 3D Audio

Disable Your 3D Audio

Although 3D audio is an amazing feature for your PS5, it can be the reason for muffled sound when you’re exploring worlds on Starfield. It’s a feature that doesn’t work for all games, and some games may ruin it. Try disabling it and seeing if it helps by doing the following –

  1. Navigate to PlayStation settings

  2. Choose the sound menu option

  3. Find the 3D Audio option for your output device

  4. Toggle the 3D Audio option to disable it

Fix 2: Install Latest PS5 System Software

Install PS5 System Software

We can’t always blame Bethesda for game bugs and glitches. Sometimes, it might come from your own console. If you’re facing audio issues while playing Starfield, it can be due to some bug in the previous system update.

To fix this, you need to –

  1. Navigate To PlayStation Settings

  2. Enter System category

  3. Go to System Software > System Software & Settings

  4. Select Update Software

This will prompt your PS5 to connect to Sony servers and look for any system update that might be available for your console. However, if you haven’t received any update, you can install the latest update with the help of a USB flash drive.

Fix 3: Try Saving & Restarting Your Game

It’s a simple fix, but it can work for your audio problems. Save your progress on Starfield and then restart it. Once you’re back in the game, see if the audio issue is solved. You might think that it’s a typical solution, but it can refresh your game and clear up any hidden issues that you might be facing.

If this solution doesn’t work to fix your audio issues, then you have to wait for Bethesda to update the game with a new patch. Users have already reported these bugs to the studio, and rest assured, they’re working to solve these problems.

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