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How to Fix: Palworld "On Create Session Complete Delegate Error"

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A pesky error called the On Create Session Complete Delegate Error in Palworld has been irking players.
While it is not as aggravating as other errors, it can be frustrating to experience it again and again.
Here is how you can fix the error with just a simple method.

Palworld's early access release has delighted many gamers, although it hasn't been without its glitches. Among the expected issues typical of any new launch, the "On Create Session Complete Delegate Error" in Palworld has left several players both frustrated and perplexed.

While not catastrophic, its persistent reappearance may leave players yearning for the stability of Palworld. Here, we delve into the nature of this error and explore potential solutions for a smoother experience.

Palworld is a brand new multiplayer monster-collecting game!


What is the On Create Session Complete Delegate Error?

This vexing error predominantly occurs when players attempt to initiate a multiplayer session. Encountering the error sporadically is not alarming. However, the issue intensifies when this perplexing error repeatedly prevents access.

Given Palworld's multiplayer nature, it's understandable why players would want to host private servers for gaming with friends. Encountering repeated errors when trying to set up these servers can be understandably frustrating, yet the solution is straightforward and quick.

How to Fix the On Create Session Complete Delegate Error in Palworld

Fixing this wordy error in Palworld is very simple. The most direct solution involves closing the error message and clicking the 'Start Game' button again. While this fix is uncomplicated, it doesn't offer a lasting solution. Players may find themselves repeating this process multiple times, sometimes up to 10 times. An alternative strategy involves selecting a different world before choosing the preferred one, which can circumvent the need to restart the game.

Other methods that you can try are as follows:

  • Restarting Palworld: Often, a classic restart can effectively eliminate such errors, enhancing the gaming experience.

  • Update Check: Ensure the game is current by looking for any pending updates. Pocket Pair is likely to release hotfixes soon, so staying updated is crucial.

Regardless of the chosen method, it's important to recognize that this error likely arises from internal issues, possibly due to server overload following the release. Ultimately, while players can attempt various fixes, a permanent solution may be beyond their control, underscoring the need for patience and updates from the developers.

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