How to fix Error code EFEAB30C Or 4B538E50 in NBA 2K24?


How to fix Error code EFEAB30C Or 4B538E50 in NBA 2K24?

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The error codes EFEAB30C Or 4B538E50 usually show up when the latest game files for NBA 2K24 are not properly downloaded.
Unfortunately, this error code has also made its way to the Nintendo Switch but it only requires a reboot and reconfirmation to enjoy NBA 2K24 once again.

NBA 2K24 just hit the virtual courts on 8th September for various consoles such as the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Unfortunately, if you are one of the players who has run into the error codes "EFEAB30C" or "4B538E50" your experience might understandably become a bit frustrating. The issue mainly stems from not having the latest game files downloaded to your device. Thankfully, there are a few methods you can use to solve this issue. Let’s dive right in and take a look.

Main Reason Behind EFEAB30C Or 4B538E50 Error Codes in NBA 2k24

The easiest way to fix this issue is to simply wait for the game to download the required data. You might run into the game crashing or simply not launching due to the lack of these necessary files. The exact time required to download the data depends on your connection speed and the file size. Once the download is complete, you will receive a pop-up message notifying you to head into the game’s main menu, which will refresh the game and make sure the update is in effect.

If you haven’t received this update, simply playing a couple of games in the Play Now mode will trigger the download. Following the prompts on the screen should take you back to the main menu followed by a loading screen. Once this is done, you are free to enjoy NBA 2K 24 once again.

Alternative Methods to Fix the Error in NBA 2k24

Re-Trying Email Confirmation for Your Account

  • Head to the official NBA 2K24 Site

  • Click on the Sign-in option on the top right side of your screen

  • Enter the credentials of your MYPLAYER account

  • Your account will be been automatically re-verified once you have successfully logged in.

Removing Unnecessary NBA 2K Accounts (Console Specific)

If you have more than five NBA 2K accounts on your console, there is a security protocol that restricts server access to all of the accounts other than the ones created on that specific console. Unfortunately, there is no workaround for this at the time of the writing and you will have to stick to a maximum of five accounts.

Detecting Software That’s Blocking Your Connection to NBA 2K24 (For Windows)

In order to find this, you might have to attempt a PathPing and a TraceRoute to detect any interference. It might sound overwhelming at first but it can easily be done by following these steps:

  • On your PC, Open the Windows menu, type CMD and press enter.

  • Make sure your PC is connected to your current network’s router.

  • After the command prompt opens, type pathping -n

  • Once the command has finished, copy the output and paste it into the Notepad

  • Follow the same steps by typing  tracert into the command prompt.

  • Copy and paste the output on the same Notepad

  • Once it is done, head over to the official NBA 2K Support Page and submit a request, attaching the text document from the notepad.

Syncing your Game Data

You might run into the EFEAB30C Or 4B538E50 Error if your game files are out of sync. One main reason behind this is due to deleting the game’s reserved space from your hard drive. Make sure you don’t do that as it is an integral part of 2K games that use the Reserved Space feature for game updates and patches.

To make sure you re-sync all you need to do is head into the game and select the Play Now option and let the game sit on the menu until you receive an update message. You must then head into the main menu where you will be greeted by a loading screen, which installs the update. Keep in mind that this process might even take hours depending on your syncing process. Once it is done, you will be brought back into the main menu and you can enjoy the game once again!

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