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How to Find the Missing Shipment in Baldur’s Gate 3?

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Find the Missing Shipment is a narrative-driven side quest in Baldur's Gate 3.
The quest takes place at Risen Road, where players will come across villains and survivors.

Find the Missing Shipment is a narrative-driven side quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 that moves the story forward. Players usually come across it in Act 1 of the game. Completing this side quest will drive the narrative forward. The objective is to save the civilians stuck on an island, which will help you collect rewards and new items. 

Here is how you can engage in this side quest and find the missing shipment in the game. 

Find The Missing Shipment - BG3

This side quest takes place as players venture to explore the coastal region in the game’s first act. They will discover a crowd of survivors near the Risen Road with an ambushed caravan and the cargo they were trying to sell.  

To start the quest, players must cross the bridge, and they will find themselves at a crossroad. Here they will have three paths to choose from, the one going left, the one going right, or the one straight ahead. 

Players who choose to go left will come across Waukeen's Rest. If they are aware of how to find the Zhentarim Hideout, they can proceed and speak to Zarys inside. This is one way to obtain the Find the Missing Shipment quest. 

However, we would recommend that players head to the path on the right, which will introduce them to struggling hyenas bloated on the ground. This will lead to a cutscene where players will have to make informed dialogue choices that will progress the storyline. Note that choosing to interact with hyenas will attract a Gnoll, which players will have to defeat. Rather, the priority should be to eliminate as many hyenas as possible to decrease the number of enemies that players will have to fight against. 

After defeating the hyenas and stopping them from birthing gnolls, players can collect the loot near the bodies. Here, they will also find the Shipment Orders from the Dead Caravan Agent. Reading the orders will kick start the Find the Missing Shipment side quest. 

The final objective is to defeat the Gnolls at the top of the hill. As players move forward, they will come across different types of Gnolls such as Gnoll Hunter, Gnoll Flind, Gnoll Flesh Gnawer etc. This is where players can also utilize the gnawing brainworm inside their brain. Use the Illithid powers to defeat enemies.

Negotiating With The Ambushed Caravan Survivors in Baldur’s Gate 3 Act 1

Upon defeating the hyenas and gnolls, players will come across two men stuck in the cave. This is where players will have to decide their strategies with precision moving forward. The dialogue choices they make will impact their relationship with the survivors. Should they choose to be polite and diplomatic, players will easily be able to strike a deal with the survivor named Rugan. He will even invite players to his hideout -the Zhentarim Hideout.

Players will have to converse with Zarys to receive the Harold light crossbow and some gold; Brem's available wares will expand too. As the narrative moves forward, players can negotiate with the cargo dealership and offer to sell it elsewhere and split the incoming profits. Players can also choose to slaughter all caravaneers and survivors, effectively getting their hands on all the loot and shipment. 

The players can then take the chest from the cave to the Zhentarim Hideout, where Zarys can help them unlock the chest. Unlocking the chest will complete the Find the Missing Shipment side quest. The rewards that await players include the Feather Fall potion and an Iron Flask, along with gold.

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