How to Find and Beat Culex in Super Mario RPG Remake?

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How to Find and Beat Culex in Super Mario RPG Remake?


Culex is an optional hidden boss in Super Mario RPG. Initially, he appears as a 2D spirit inspired by the Final Fantasy series. In the Switch remake, he has a new second form players can fight.
Here is a complete guide on finding and beating Culex in Super Mario RPG Remake for Nintendo Switch.

Culex, the secret boss from the original game, returns for the Switch Remake. He’s one of the most challenging bosses in the game, with even more GP than Mario RPG’s actual final boss; you’ll have a hard time finding and taking him down if you don’t know how to.

Luckily for you, we’ve prepared this guide in which we will take a look at how to find and beat Culex in Super Mario RPG Remake.

Super Mario RPG Remake: How to Find Culex?

Super Mario RPG Remake: How to Find Culex?

One thing to note is that you can fight Culex for the first time even before completing the main story of Super Mario RPG. We won’t recommend doing this as it’s Culex, the hardest challenge in the game, but it might be worth trying if you’re under-leveled and want an extra challenge; you might just make it out alive. 

It’s quite easy to find Culex in Super Mario RPG. After you arrive at Moleville, an NPC sitting outside the house will ask if you want to trade fireworks for a Shiny Stone; you need this to find Culex.

A mole inside the house next to the little girl will sell you fireworks for 500. They are expensive but a requirement. Purchase them and hand them to the NPC, and she’ll give you the Shiny Stone.

You have to take the Shiny Stone to the locked door in Monstro Tower, and it will unlock, allowing you to take on Culex’s first form. 

Super Mario RPG Remake: How to Unlock Rematch Culex 3D

The Super Mario RPG Remake has something new: a second phase of rematch, Culex 3D, in which the boss finally takes his polygon form. 

To unlock the Culex 3D rematch, you first need to complete the game. Then, you can visit Marrymore Inn and utilize your free voucher for a night in the suite. Next, you need to go to Star Hill and look for one of the new pink stars. 

Next, you’ll need to head to the Tadpole Pond and talk to Frog Sage. He’ll ask you to revisit the Belome Temple, where you’ll fight Belome again. Once you’ve defeated him, the Frog Sage will ask you to rematch other bosses in the game. Eventually, you’ll be given the Super Shiny Stone and the chance to unlock the Monstro Town door once again.

Super Mario RPG Remake: How to beat Culex?

Super Mario RPG Remake: How to beat Culex?

Culex has the highest HP of any boss in the game, and he dishes out insane amounts of magic attacks with each turn; it’s a thing you need to be careful about. 

In order to defeat Culex, you have to prioritize Peach in your party, equipped with Lazy Shell Armour, so she can stay alive, revive allies, and perform healing magic. 

Each Crystal has 2,000 HP, so make sure to target those first to limit Culex’s attacks before focusing on Culex himself. In his second phase, he’ll start dishing out magic attacks that have the potential to defeat your entire party if you’re unlucky, so make sure you always have someone in reserve and a full inventory of revive items. 

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