How To Enable Cross Save & Cross Platform In Warframe Mobile


How To Enable Cross Save & Cross Platform In Warframe Mobile

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Cross platform play allows players to join other players regardless of their gaming platform.
This feature, along with cross playing is also available in Warframe, enabling players to retain their progress throughout different gaming platforms.
This article will guide you through the process of enabling cross save and cross platform in Warframe Mobile.

Cross Platform Play is one of the best features in any game. It allows players from different platforms to unite and enjoy the game together. Fortunately, this feature is also available in Warframe Mobile. Players can play across various platforms, like mobiles, consoles, and PCs. So, if you have friends who play on different devices, you don't have to hold back anymore. Get ready to enjoy the game, even from different platforms.

In this article, we'll take a look at how you can enable cross save and cross platform in Warframe Mobile.

Enabling Cross-Save in Warframe Mobile

With the arrival of Warframe Mobile on iOS, the community has been stirring with excitement. This is a great way for players on iOS to also jump on the cross-saving and cross-platform bandwagon with other players.

To begin your journey on Warframe Mobile on iOS while retaining progress from another platform, follow the given steps to link your accounts:

  1. Navigate to settings in Warframe Mobile and link your Warframe iOS account to your primary account.

  2. Choose the account that has your desired progression and merge it with your Warframe iOS account.

  3. Once the merger is complete, get ready to resume your first-person shooter adventure on a new device!

Make sure to remember that only one account can be active for Warframe when you cross save, so choose wisely during the linking process.

Crossplay in Warframe Mobile

In Warframe Mobile, crossplay is automatically enabled since the beginning of the game. Simply add friends to your list and invite them to your party. Despite being on different platforms, they will be able to join you.

Enabling and Disabling Cross Platform Play

To enable or disable cross platform play, toggle the "Cross Platform Play" setting in the Options Menu. This will help you optimize the game to your desire.

What is Cross Platform Save?

Cross Platform Save functionality allows players to carry their Warframe account progression and items throughout multiple gaming platforms. This helps you retain your progress and wealth when you want to switch devices from one platform to another.

Cross Platform Save Account

In simple words, a cross platform save account is any Warframe account that has been linked to multiple platforms. This is the account that is used to unify your gaming experience across a diverse range of platforms.

So, when you feel like switching from your mobile to your console, and have a quest you wish to continue, this cross platform save account will come at your rescue.

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