How To Do An Alley-Oop In NBA Infinite

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How To Do An Alley-Oop In NBA Infinite


One of the most popular moves in the game is the alley-oop move in NBA Infinite.
Here is a comprehensive guide to help you execute a flawless alley-oop pass in NBA Infinite.

Playing basketball is fun when you know super cool moves that you can pull when scoring a basket. It is the same in the virtual world of NBA Infinite. One of the most popular moves in the game is the alley-oop move in NBA Infinite. It is that one move that everyone wants to master.

But, it is more than just a move. Its success highly depends on smooth communication between the teammates. While it is a high-risk, high-reward maneuver, exhibiting it is satisfying.

If you want to know how this move works and how to flawlessly execute it, then you are at the right place. Here is your ultimate guide to exhibiting an alley-oop in NBA Infinite.

How To Do An Alley-Oop In NBA Infinite

Get ready to master the alley-oop move in NBA Infinite and become the star of your game. Here are the steps to executing the move:

Starting the Alley-Oop

To start an alley-oop in NBA Infinite, the passer must be inside the 3-point line. Then, they must ask for a pass. When they do, the 'Alley-oop' button will pop up. Just tap it to throw the pass. A meter will pop up above the receiving player. Ensure that the meter is in the green zone. This is summarized in the following steps:

  1. Get inside the 3-point line and ask for a pass.

  2. Once prompted, tap the 'Alley-oop' button.

  3. A meter will show up above the receiver.

  4. Make sure to keep the meter in the green zone to finish the Alley-oop successfully.

Executing in Different Modes

Players can execute this pass in different modes. In Dynasty Mode, doing an alley-oop is a bit different. When you get to a certain spot, just hit the 'Pass' button. A player will be selected for the alley-oop pass. Then the same meter will appear on the receiving player. Keep it in the green to ensure a successful pass.

Timing and Precision

Timing is extremely crucial when it comes to executing the alley-oop. The passer must deliver the ball at the appropriate moment, giving the receiver enough time to catch it.

The receiver also must ensure that he pushes the button as soon as the meter flashes green. If these moves are not synchronized, the move will might not come out as flawless and may even fail. So, make sure to time yourself properly.

Self-Alley-Oop Option

Players also have the option to execute an alley-oop pass to themselves. However, this is an even higher risk that players must be willing to take. To do so, aim the movement stick towards the rim and double-tap the Lob Pass button. This will help you execute a self-assisted alley-oop pass. However, just like with regular alley-oops, timing is crucial here as well.

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