How to Deploy A Pal in Your Base in Palworld


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How to Deploy a Pal in Your Base in Palworld

Abhimannu Das
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Deploying work Pals in Palworld allows you to speed up the production of various materials and resources for your account.
Each Pal has a work suitability property that you should check before deploying it for tasks.

Palworld allows you to deploy your Pals to work at your base and help you with material production and other activities. Different pals have different work suitability properties so you should check their info in the Paldeck before setting up your tiny little workforce. You should also deploy the maximum amount of work Pals possible so that you can optimize your base operations. If you are new to the game, here are some tips and tricks that will help you get started with deploying Pals in Palword.

How to Deploy Work Pals in Palworld

Allocate a Base:

  • Unlock the Palbox structure at Technology Level 2 and learn its recipe by spending one technology point.

  • Access build mode, navigate to the Pal category, and locate the Palbox.

  • Place the Palbox on the ground and construct it using 1x Paldium Fragment, 8x Wood, and 3x Stone.

Base Allocation:

  • Once the Palbox is built, a designated area around it becomes your base.

  • This base area is where you can deploy captured Pals to perform various tasks using the Palbox.

Pal Deployment:

  • Interact with the Palbox to access the captured Pals.

  • Select the Pal you want to deploy and place it in the slot under the 'Pal at the base' section.

Work Suitability:

  • Each Pal has a specific Work Suitability nature.

  • Learn the work suitability of each Pal by viewing details at the Palbox.

  • Understanding these details enables you to deploy Pals that are well-suited for particular tasks.

Optimizing Workforce:

  • Deploy Pals strategically to cover a range of tasks at your base.

  • Explore and capture various Pals to assemble a diverse workforce, allowing you to accomplish different types of work efficiently.

Work Execution:

  • Upon placement at the base, each deployed Pal starts working according to its Work Suitability nature.

  • Monitor the contributions of each Pal to ensure a productive and well-balanced workforce.

By following these steps, players can effectively deploy and manage their captured Pals to perform a variety of tasks at their base in Palworld. Understanding the unique abilities and work suitability of each Pal ensures efficient utilization and optimization of your workforce.

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