How to Craft a Beehive in Minecraft

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How to Craft a Beehive in Minecraft


You can craft beehives to start your own honey production in Minecraft using a few Wood Planks and Honeycombs.
Beehives can be used for bee housing, honey production, and honeycomb production.

In Minecraft, beehives are blocks that serve as homes for bees. They are found in the game's Overworld and generate naturally in certain biomes, such as flower forests, plains, and sunflower plains. You need access to beehives if you want to produce honey or honeycombs. It is easy to craft a beehive in Minecraft if you have access to wooden planks and honeycombs. Beehives are also an integral part of Minecraft's ecosystem, contributing to the game's farming and decorative elements while adding a touch of realism with the presence of bees and honey production. If you want to start producing honey, here is a quick guide on how to craft a beehive in Minecraft.

What do you need to craft a Beehive in Minecraft?

Beehives require some basic resources and you should be able to get your hands on everything you need without needing any rare resources. Here’s what you need to craft your first Beehive in Minecraft: 

  • 6 Wood Planks: You can use any type of wood plank, such as oak, spruce, birch, jungle, acacia, or dark oak.

  • 3 Honeycombs: Honeycombs are obtained by using shears on a beehive or a bee nest.

Crafting a Beehive in Minecraft

  1. Open your crafting table

  2. Right-click on a crafting table to open the 3x3 crafting grid

  3. In the crafting grid, place the six wood planks in the bottom two rows, filling them completely.

  4. In the top row of the crafting grid, place the three honeycombs.

  5. Once you've placed the wood planks and honeycombs correctly in the grid, the beehive will appear in the result box.

  6. Drag the beehive from the crafting table into your inventory.

What are beehives used for in Minecraft?

Bee Housing: Beehives provide a place for bees to live and spawn naturally. Bees are passive mobs that are essential for pollination and honey production.

Honey Production: Bees housed in beehives will gather pollen from nearby flowers and return to the hive to produce honey. Over time, the honey level within the beehive increases, and players can harvest it using an empty glass bottle.

Honeycomb Harvesting: When a beehive reaches a honey level of 5, it can be harvested with shears. This will yield honeycombs, which have various uses in crafting recipes and as decorative items.

Bee Farming: By using silk touch tools, players can pick up a beehive with bees inside and relocate it to another location, creating their own bee farms for honey production and pollination purposes.

Aggravating Bees: Interfering with a beehive, attacking nearby bees, or harvesting honey improperly can anger the bees and trigger an aggressive response. Agitated bees can sting the player, causing damage and making nearby bees hostile as well.

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