How to Collect Blood & Feed Grandpa in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>How to <em>collect blood and feed grandpa in Texas Chain Saw Massacre</em></p></div>
How to collect blood and feed grandpa in Texas Chain Saw Massacre


Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a thrilling, asymmetrical horror slasher game.
Feeding Grandpa increases the player’s chance of easily locating victims and slaughtering them.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a thrilling, asymmetrical horror slasher game that allows players to enter the sadistic world of massacre. Being asymmetrical, players can either play as the victim or as the killer. Those who decide to take up the role of killer end up in the Slaughter Family. The Grandpa is the head here and while he is a non-playable character, he is still crucial in murdering the victims. 

Turns out, Grandpa is super into blood. Having the right amount of blood in his system accelerates his sonar abilities, making him a reliable asset for the family. His sonar abilities can help players locate the victims and excel in the slaughter spree. 

So, here is a guide to help players collect blood and feed Grandpa in Texas Chain Saw Massacre. 

Collecting Blood in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

There are two ways to find and gather blood to feed Grandpa. The first is to slaughter victims and collect their blood. The second way is to locate blood buckets on the map upstairs. After collecting the blood, get ready to feed Grandpa and take over the victims!

Feeding Grandpa in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Use the Focus Ability button to locate Grandpa and reach him. Before his sonar abilities are active, players may find him sleeping in a corner. Grandpa can be stirred to consciousness when the following happens

  • Victim making too much noise

  • Victim escaping the Basement

  • Grandpa has enough blood in his system

Upon approaching him, wait for a prompt in a white circle to appear and proceed. Click on the Interact Button to engage with Grandpa and feed him blood. As you feed him, an animation will appear, and players will find Grandpa screaming in order to activate his sonar powers. While he screams, players will be able to locate family members and victims shrieking for help. The higher the level Grandpa is on, the more powerful he is. 

Please note that some players are better at feeding blood to Grandpa than others. Therefore, make sure you communicate properly with the team and feed Grandpa as much as he loves.

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